Leaked FDA study finds milk, meat, produce contaminated with 'forever chemicals'


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    which is why we know our farmers very well :)

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    Wow! Yet another reason to grow your own...

    Hey @Merin Porter could you include a snippet or two of the article with a forum thread? I think if you pull a few sentences/paragraphs with the link to the full article it's OK from a copywrite perspecitve....

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that chemicals linked to cancer are showing up in milk, meat, produce and even store-made chocolate cakes sold in the U.S., according to an agency study that has not yet been made public.

    Aspects of the study, presented last week at a scientific conference in Helsinki found the class of chemicals, abbreviated as PFAS, present in a number of other food products. PFAS are often referred to as “forever chemicals” because of the time it takes them to break down.

    PFAS has been linked with kidney and thyroid cancer along with high cholesterol and other illnesses.

    The FDA's research showed that water contaminated with PFAS likely ends up in the food supply. Fourteen of 91 samples taken by the agency contained the chemicals, while almost half of all meat and seafood samples tested positive.

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    Agreed, yet another reason we produce our own food.

    My concern is the chemicals inadvertently added to our water through drift, seepage & runoff, and unfortunately for us due to unfortunate circumstances, we are on municipal water, so we also have all of their added greatness in the water.

    Did you know that chlorine in the water gives milk a salty taste? We believe it affects a lot more than just that. We suspect that the added junk also affects their growth and health in a negative way.

    This leaked (and confirmed) information is a good reminder as well that legitimate studies and evidences CAN actually happen and come to conclusive conclusions outside of our own countries, cultures & familiar languages.

    Anyway, thanks for the article link!

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    That is a sad reminder that even if you buy grass fed or organic meat/dairy, you could still be getting these chemicals, and other persistent environmental toxins. Its hard to trace the big suppliers to certain farms, so its hard to say whether some cattle live near a factory or not. Best to know the area surrounding the farm they are being raised on. I have a terrible tendency to forget details like this when I go shopping and see a new product that meets some criteria (and I forgot some of the other criteria). For example, it may say organic, or grass fed beef, but I forget that its important to know the environment they were raised in. Big companies selling organic source from multiple countries, let alone multiple farms. In my old house, I bought locally sourced grass fed beef from a single farm. But I was never certain that the grass grown on the farm was free from pollution from factories. Lately I have been buying from Costco, where I have no idea where the cattle are from. Thanks for the article, it jogged my memory.