Tincturing fresh herbs - how much alcohol do you need?

@bmaverick and I were just discussing the differences in making tinctures with fresh versus dried herbs.

I just had a conversation with Susun Weed and she was literally raviong about the increadble difference - better quality - when you use the fresh herb. So if you can do with fresh, go for it!

With dried herbs I generally use a 80 proof vodka - which is 40% alcohol. Susun reminded me that fresh herbs have a lot of water in them already, so the mixture will 'rot' if you don't have more alcohol in it. I need to use a much higher alcohol content. But I forgot the number... LOL! I think shed the equivalent of 160 proof, which is 80% alcohol. Is that correct?

What's your experience?



  • H_D
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    Ive used both, depending on what your goal is or process is would depend on whether you used fresh or dry. With that said its not a one is best for all when it comes to extraction and alcohol. Some herbs like something less potent, some herbs like some thing more potent and some herbs need water or oils to pull out the nutrients. But yes..160 proof alcohol is 80 proof. I use Everclear 190 or organic grape alcohol and dilute with water depending on the herb being used and how dry it is no need to buy different products, just water down the high one you have :) .