Coming soon to a park, farm, or forest near you!

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This week has been utterly exhausting.. But in the best of ways! I thought this move would be the easiest one yet, but man was I wrong...

After a ton a of work getting moved in and kinda set up, I believe everything has successfully passed the ever important Poshi Inspection.

There's still a ton of stuff to do, and most of my belongings are still in boxes...

I'll post a video intro to my new roving home just as soon as I can. But first thing first, I had to tag it.

Gotta represent, ya know! 😎

Back to unpacking for me, and this afternoon I get the lovely job of setting up my septic line for the first time... Wish me luck! 😂

Check back later and I'll tell you how it went...


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    Whoo hoo!

    How do I get to follow this thread.

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    Awesome! Can't wait to come check it out for a house warming party!

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    Hi Linzi,

    is your Septic all put together now? - Did you by any chance watch today, in fact Bob just finished his last "every Wed. LIVE class" he was answering lotsa questions & he's just so delightful. 🙂 Did you meet him at his forum, or personally at the RTR ? -& are you planning on joining 1 of the Caravans thru 'meet-Up' that I saw from Luanne ? The HOWA have achieved an amazing amount of work in just their first year, you agree?

    oh, & if you would like you are Welcome to come visit here, just know this is an eternal Construction zone LOL - yet any plant I have that you would like some of, I will gladly share with you Linzi, just as I shared in my Rainbow post about the huge pink lilies that are just now thinking of opening...

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    Something, or 1, is not saving the edit, I was just adding that 4200 people attended.

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    I can't seem to "tag" you guys on my currently limited internet connection, so but quoting works! lol

    I've looked around, and I don't see a "follow" feature, but there is the "bookmark" star at the top. Maybe that would do it? I think I'll be posting individual threads and try to keep them dated. I'm planning to use this + youtube as a sort of travel log!

    I can't wait to have you guys out! The lake campground, where I have a bit of free camping, is just right up the road from where I am now. I'm going to try to move it there for at least a few days later this month. The park I'm at now is nice, but not nearly great as the lake-front one will be! I'll let you know when as soon as I know, haha.

    I've gotta get some sort of in-cabinet storage going before I move again (I already made my first terrible RV newbie mistake and did some damage from things falling out of cabinets when I moved it here) 😫

    1st septic setup was the easiest RV thing I've done so far! 😂

    All the youtubers I've been watching say "everyone has a poo story", haha! And thankfully, mine was not today!

    I only know Bob as a youtube fan of what he does so far. I did watch several videos of people out at the RTR this year, it seems like so much fun, and definitely something I want to try to get to next year. The whole community seems amazing from a distance, and I'm looking forward to joining them, at least for a caravan or two at some point. They really have built up something special that's hard to find now-a-days.

    Thank you for the offer! I may just take you up on it and help out with whatever may be "under construction" at the time. 😊 Are you in the PNW? Since I got a later-than-hoped-for start this year, my rough plan is to stay in N. Texas till it starts to cool down, then make a slow roll westward, and meander up the coast in the spring.

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    Interacted happily with 20+ nomads on Bob's forum when investigating. - Yes, they are from the heart very generous folk, & since I live life thus also, naturally this commonality endeared me to them as a group. - They just finished their first complete Minivan build, to bless some (otherwise homeless) person with. Bob is a genuinely kind soul.

    Yes, we live in the PNW, and aim moving yet closer into the Cascade foothills. If only more $ could be obtained sooner. - No guest comes to work.- My invitation is simply to share with you such as we have what you might like & be each other's friend Linzi. Even beyond family & friends this is how it goes. - Praying for your safety, & Enjoy all your journeys... Linzi

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    @Linzi, would love to learn more about your new home, and how you decided which camper to get!

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    @rainbow Thank you again! I really will let you know when I'm up that way! :D

    @Merin Porter I'll have a video up this next week introducing you all to it, and I may do a separate video on what caused me to pick the type I did (this is far from the refurb schoolie or vintage camper I initially wanted).