Adventures In High Performance Gardening 7 - Q & A, when should you plant? how much $ does it grow?

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Lynn and I answer your questions...

And the little seedlings are coming up!

That little sheep "taffy" and the kitten "Little bear" is soooo cute.


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    My internet service is sooo bad I can rarely watch a video but this is something I struggle with, How much to plant? We are a supersize family of 17 ( 2 children by birth and 13 by adoption), and somethings I just don't know how to calculate. How do I know how many peas to plant? Or egg plant, etc? I realized this year that 165 tomato plants is not enough for eating and canning, Next year I am upping it to 200 plants and this time most of them will be determinate variety. I know now that making spaghetti sauce ten to fifteen jars at a time is much harder for me than making fifty jars at a time. Now I just need to figure out the rest of the vegetables.