Attention Families Planning To Move Off The Grid


  • ines871
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    Hi Dean, Your post somehow went missing. Some families here are already OFF the grid, thank God.

    Some of us were blessed starting life pretty much OFF grid; okay in our case we had one light-bulb & a radio which both of them could not be counted on dependably, but we didn't pay much attention. We were too busy living life, if you know what real life is about. - How about you Dean, are you OFF-grid too?

  • Merin Porter
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    Thanks, Dean! It'll be interesting to see who they get for this...

  • bmaverick
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    There once was a TV comedy series with 7 cast-a ways on an island. :) And prior, the Swiss family Robinson's.

    Both showed neat things for usefulness and being clever, even in the silliest ways.

    Best of finding those who will take the time with the effort.