I just made the best lunch! πŸ…

Ruth Ann Reyes
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🍽️ YUM! 🍽️

I secretly pride myself on my ability to meal prep, plan, and to use up everything in a timely fashion. It's a not so secret obsession of mine...

Well, today I had a bunch of homegrown tomatoes...spinach (that was starting to wilt)...mushrooms...onions...and a plethora of oregano and basil. I also made a batch of homemade pita / flat bread a while back...

So, what did I do? I made a pizza! πŸ• I sauteed the tomato in olive oil seasoned with basil, oregano, salt, red pepper flakes, and a dash of sugar to make my sauce...And just added the other bits and broiled!

I know this is nothing new..but, it was sooooooo yum I just had to share with someone!


  • ines871
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    Thanks @Ruth Reyes-Loiacano for sharing. πŸ™‚ Yes "sooooooo yum".

    Looking forward to enjoying it too, after my month-long solids-Fast is done.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
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    Good for you. I eat in an 8 hour window daily...but, my folks fast for 1 week every month!

  • MarianneWest
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    That sounds and looks yummy!!

    I absolutely can't stand it when things go bad in the fridge - even though I could justify it that it is chicken food and just future eggs LOL

  • hmsadmin
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    Oh wow @Ruth Reyes-Loiacano that looks delicious! And nice way to use up stuff before it goes to the chickens πŸ˜„

    I made some scratch tomato sauce from a bunch my aunt gave me last week (I didn't realize till just recently, be she's all about growing a lot of their own foods too!) It was so good over meatballs, but now I'm sad that I didn't even think to save a bit for pizza.. I'll have to see if I can go help my aunt with her garden in exchange for more tomatoes. πŸ˜‚

  • Karyn Pennington
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    Just this past Friday, I'd been wondering what (else) to do with Kale and found a recipe for inspiration, but then made it my own. It's sort of like a Carbonara.

    Set a pot to boil, Meanwhile, de-rib your kale and roll up tightly and slice thinly (so they're long like spaghetti noodles. Add salt to the pot once it boils and place the kale in to steam for a minute or two. Then remove and cool briefly in cold water. Add pasta of your choice to pot and cut up whatever else you're going to add. Reserve one cup of liquid (I also added some veggie broth) and drain the pasta. Rinse under cool water. In the same pot, saute onion, add garlic. Then add the noodles, kale and reserved broth to the pot and stir. Stir in a raw egg to give a little texture. Then add fresh chopped tomatoes and cooked crumbled bacon and Parmesan.

    Both hubby and son loved it. My husband must have told me half-a-dozen times that evening how good dinner was. I love spontaneous inspiration and your "pizza" looked yummy! I wish I'd taken a picture to share.

  • angelaclay509@gmail.com
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    This looks so delicious thanks for sharing quick recipes with things that are sitting around. Plus you prevented having waste... gold star for you...πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ€©

  • april.chase
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    @Karyn Pennington, that sounds amazing and I have soooo much kale right now! I am going to try this tonight! On a side note: so glad to be participating in these forums now, I am seeing lots and lots of good information and suggestions. Love it! (P.S. the pizza sounds great too!)

  • Leediafastje
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    Ruth, Karyn thank you for the recipies! And April, I totally agree with you ... these forums are great.

  • dimck421
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    Speaking of those tomatoes, I am loving garlic (chopped) mixed with olive oil, spread on sour dough eirkorn bread, with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado. Thank you for the pizza idea!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    Do I see cherokee purple on your plate? yummm

    I share a wonderful salsa recipe if anyone wants it. No cook, easy to make and the best I have ever tasted. I was lucky enough to get a copy from a co worker years ago.

    Your pizza sure looks good. Wish I knew how to make good pizza dough. I never can seem to get the crust just right..crispy and not over cooked or seared.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
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    I usually just make Naan or Pita and freeze them. They make perfect crusts!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    I'm not familiar with Naan but I know how to look it up lol!

  • Karyn Pennington
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    Another quickie this time of year with tomatoes is "grilled BATs"

    "Butter" your bread with Hellman's mayonnaise and throw in the pan to brown. Meanwhile, layer (crispy, cooked) bacon, avocado and tomatoes (add cheese if like) and then flip to brown the other side. We LOVE these with juicy, fresh tomatoes.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    It is with great pleasure that I share this delightful recipe for salsa.

    1 32 ounce can whole peeled tomatoes (32 ounces from your own garden preferably)

    1 10 ounce can original rotel (not the lime, etc...original for first time, then change to your preference)

    1 bunch FRESH cilantro

    Place cilantro into COLD water after culled for brown leaves and clipped stems at old end. Leave in water while gathering and measuring the remaining ingredients:

    juice of 1 lemon

    1 tsp ground cumin

    1 Tbs olive oil

    2 Tbs minced garlic

    This is the way I make mine:

    I place the 4 ingredients, ie: the lemon juice, cumin, garlic, olive oil, in a half gallon mason jar.

    I place the tomatoes and rotel in a food processor in that order for a more even chop/pulse.

    then i shake out the cilantro and place it evenly over the top and then pulse until the cilantro is in small pieces.

    I then pour that into the mason jar and stir everything up.

    Then I take out enough and salt to taste with pink Himalayan salt. That way I have an idea how much salt each individual serving will need (for me lol)

    I am picky about this recipe because I got so tired of going into mexican restaurants and never having enough salsa and this recipe for my taste is the best I have ever eaten anywhere anytime. And everyone I have shared it with really liked it.

    I put the cilantro in cold water so that it 'pulses' and doesn't 'obliterate' so it is prettier.

    I tweeked this recipe from the original I got from a co worker years ago and now it suits me perfect. Originally I put too much minced garlic in as I am a garlic fiend, and it made it too hot which for me, smothers the flavor so I measure with a soup spoon that is about 2 T, but I never measure beyond that anymore.

    More than 1 tsp of cumin is too much for me.

    I never measure the olive oil but the goal is about 1 Tbs.

    I tried exchanging the lemon for a lime ONCE because every weekend it became a game of 'who could make it better by...' and I do not like it with limes, but I love limes too.

    Also, I tried subbing whole peeled maters for crushed from Sams because buying a case was cheaper and they did not have whole peeled in a case.....big mistake as it was not the same and I really don't know why unless something diff in the way it was canned???

    IT is my hope that you will love it the way it is, or be able to tweek it to your preference, and love it, and share with everyone. It is not easy finding a good salsa recipe, esp one that you do not have to cook.

    BTW, If you want to add jalos, onions etc, if you don't wait to add until you are serving it, remember the onions will soften into the reicpe and in my taste ruin it.

    Let me know how you like it.

  • silvertipgrizz
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    Merin Porter,

    Hi Merin,

    I'm mentioning you now so you know I just listed the salsa recipe you commented on.

    I am so new here I don't know how to address this to you so I hope you find the recipe because I listed your name here....

    If you try it let me know what you think.