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Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is

-Ernest Hemingway

online Health summits

ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

of course Marjory's grow-classes are best 🙂

One least known but vital re health: Viral & Retroviral course https://viralandretroviralsummit.com/schedule/ Why is that subject important? - We are born with endogenous Retroviruses inherited from mom, one generation after another. How can we live well ?

https://betrayalsolution.com/schedule/ Beyond the food Industry betraying people with crap, the double betrayal comes from the conventional medical Industry. - This is why growing our food is so important.

Know anybody with Diabetes & Obesity ? https://go.ithriveseries.com

We all know, or should know: "One ounce of Prevention , is better than a pound of cure" applies to everything particularly cancer. Such sufferers are not sick because they have cancer, they are "cancer-ing" (an action/verb) because they are sick... https://www.thetoxichometransformation.com/

Us gardeners barely have time to sit thru one Summit, let alone repeatedly after another, learning from each Summit what might for us be useful... so by sharing specific things gained, we could help us all.

Since 2014, How many Health classes have you benefited from? & want to share details...



  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Nancy, - sounds like we are similar: Register for too many, & then simply ask my subconscious "Tell me which episode or presentation is the most useful to family now", & it does.

    re EMF https://www.abrighterwild.com/blog/protect-yourself-from-emfs --- Nothing of LIFE importance has been taught in US public schools for nearly a century, incldg. re the "ElectroMagnetic Spectrum"

    Intentionally... dumbing-down the population, 90+% have no clue about radiation in general: be it from the earth, organic life-forms, computer-monitors, Cell-phones, 5G, or X-rays & other radio-active sources. - Such ignorance explains why to most people both CAT-scans & 5G are totally harmless. --- And how conventional MD's are not jailed telling a REFUSING person: "so what if you DIE of Irradiated cat-scans at 110 years of age; SO WHAT!!" <- Done every day.

    What most don't know, & therefore don't care: whether or not a person agrees to a Cell-phone, or 5G the damn microwave radiation still penetrates everything & everybody, & in the latter without consent, & no escape.

    And other man-made humanitarian disasters, incldg 5G which the FCC & central govt, are hellbent to deploy. - Fortunately for now in 2019, the catch is you'll need to be in the right patchy parts of cities such as Chicago plus dozens other larger cities, with the right device to access it.

    Here, Verizon etc had their blasted 'garbage-cans' -sized, etc. small cell antennas Atop countless power poles on Residential street corners already installed BUT

    Friends informed last week that the DANGEROUS HIGH-voltage monstrosities are Not yet operational here. Residents are asking county governments of at least seven Pacific Northwest communities: Bellingham, Port Angeles, Tacoma & Gig Harbor in Wa., & elsewhere to STOP the 5G deployment. - 'Deployment' is a military term. Who are they fighting against? -> obviously most of humanity; hence why 5G is known as another humanitarian disaster.

    A few ways to protect yourself & family from IN-home EMFs: 1. Junk the microwave: Especially if it’s head-level ! Every time you push 'start' on your microwave, it sends a powerful blast of electromagnetic radiation right at you, to over 10 feet away. If you’re like most Americans pretty dependent on the microwave. But you can make do without one.

    2. IF you think a Cell-phone is too essential: During sleep, & any other time you are not using it, like when charging it, turn the damn thing Off. Forget about Airplane mode, just turn it OFF. - oh but u wanna play a game?, or text someone? Use a WIRED computer. When you must receive a call, or make one, do NOT hold it in your hand, or worse carry it on your body. Use it only with the Speaker-choice. Ours gets used so little (less than 3 minutes/day), that we only need to charge it once weekly. You can cut your EMF exposure significantly.

    3. Once the Utility-companies have forced Water+Gas+Electric "smart-meter"(s) on a property, SHIELD your house & body: https://takebackyourpower.net/ Most definitely Agreed.

    4. do Not buy any "smart" appliances for obvious reasons: they are all Inter-connected, & soon you'll be told: You can wash your clothes on Friday, but you can't cook a meal that same day, as that is "demanding" too much power, & we have to protect the environment you know. (where's the Roll-the-eyes emoticon 🤨 Jimerson). --- Yet another of countless reasons to go OFF-grid, posthaste.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Internet (while on a totally unrelated topic-search) spit out re all that 5G crap: IF as the FCC claims "No, it's all safe, Safe, & good" at least they got the last part right: they bamboozled Congress with: "half a trillion dollars" could be added to the economy. Nothing else matters, but $$ greed.

    If the FCC were even remotely concerned re health, their m.o. would be like several Health-care providers facetiously saying things like 'Now I fully support 5G because I want MORE disrupted sleep, even more neurological disorders, more compromised immune systems, more adrenal problems, more reproductive problems, more birth defects, & we don't have nearly enough cancer'. -

    Look at all these communities (Associations, COUNTIES, & individual cities) who tried to Intervene: Alabama, Arizona,

    COUNTIES OF LOS ANGELES, & MARIN & SAN FRANCISCO; & 18 whole cities & others in California

    Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland; Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada; New Mexico. NEW YORK city, Oregon, Texas


    who knows how many more counties... across this land Some people still have morals intact.

    Yet what does the FCC care about ? - from the above overwhelming evidence... obviously not health. Only $trillions$

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texasseeker.nancy - Central Texas Posts: 674 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, I used to wish (when I was a CHILD) that I had been born in an earlier time lol. I guess that is why homesteading and all that goes with it is such a draw - it's in my blood. I'm so happy to see this movement gaining speed. Many are tired of the world we live in and want to return to simpler times. I am one of them.

  • Leslie CarlLeslie Carl Posts: 262 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    On the subject of electromagnetic radiation; there is another way for us to protect ourselves from it... There are phytochemicals, fiber and vitamins in foods that protect our cells and organs from radiation of all kinds. Here's a link to a short article that lists some of the foods, in case anyone is interested. http://www.hungryforchange.tv/article/19-foods-to-naturally-detox-radiation

    Here's another good one https://ultraculture.org/blog/2013/09/05/foods-protect-fukushima-radiation/ with more information.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @seeker.nancy - Glad to hear it, & Good for you ! Seeker. - You know the Amish, & Indigenous folk (what's left of the latter) the world over they REMAIN Healthy.... Their SIMPLE way of life (minus some foreign religious/social rules), I too was immersed/nurtured in as a little child, & (when sent to the U.S., instead of caving-in to societal insanities!), I determined then to NEVER let this part of my child change. --- And because it remains in my blood, have steadfastly sought to stay Simple. - in the 90's we homesteaded 5 acres, Homeschooled, & kiddos attended classes on How to build a LOG-home right with the adults, sewed own clothes, grew the food, & hundreds other valuable skills. We called our home the "Little house on the Prairie" 🙂 & in all but 1 way, it was heaven...

    Through yet another three life-changing disasters, I have steadfastly held my Inner child close, to once again live this GOOD-life... . - And I am so thankful that @Marjory Wildcraft shares all such goodness with us here. And I pray that all of us get to make our finest dreams, however many times already lived, once again a Joyful reality...

  • sallyhowardsallyhoward AustraliaPosts: 107 ✭✭✭

    I found John Malanca's Sacred Plant Health Series very informative.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @seeker.nancy - wanted to give yet others opportunity to share more Summits here. --- In the meantime Allow me to add the intro to a class I created & taught to Pregnant-folk 🙂 My purpose was to help them recollect, &/or facilitate understanding the What & How of a "natural LITTLE-child". - And while some questioned both the relevancy & the usefulness, quite a few came anyway. - By way of personal Intro I said that while in infancy & toddler-stage, I (like most other children) made countless Daily observations... about adults, & came to some startling 🤨 conclusions. - And because as children grow & then grow up, they tend 9/10 of the time to imprint... adult- feelings, beliefs, thoughts, actions, (habits incldg. disease(s), character, & destiny. - When parent examples are Moral & Positive & Healthy such imprinting is highly desirable. - When adult examples are increasingly amoral & negative & sick such imprinting leads to current sort of highly Dysfunctional societ(ies) hell-bent on global annihilation.

    Fortunately, many organic Farmers & Gardeners remain Moral & Positive & Healthy in their example to their children, such that the Qualities of a LITTLE child can be preserved & continued, & expanded... WOW ! Look at all the phenomenal Skills of little children

    -> Little children are LOVE-sponges...

    -> Little children have really a big (not confusing w/ cardiomegaly) heart

    -> Little children live from their happy heart.

    -> Little children are authentic

    -> Little children are innocent

    -> Little children live in the moment.

    -> Little children live in unbridled Joy

    -> Little children live in constant wonder.

    -> Little children are careFree

    -> Little children know how to rest.


    -> Little children have keen powers of observation

    -> Little children love to play (learning occurs in pretense)

    -> Little children possess unusual imagination.

    -> Little children absorb info rapidly (1-try learning)

    -> Little children are creative Geniuses.

    -> Little children are Insightful

    -> Little children are content.

    -> Little children are free

    -> Little children are fearless.

    -> Little children laugh spontaneously


    -> Little children like to share

    -> Little children are defenseless.

    -> Little children are weak,

    -> Little children are happy being carried.

    -> Little children look to their parents for guidance

    -> Little children (unless so burdened), have no shame.

    -> Little children are humble.

    -> Little children know how to trust.

    -> Little children easily talk with Jesus Christ as they remain OPEN to Him.

    -> Little children are happy to be led.


    -> Little children are good receivers

    -> Little children are great responders

    -> Little children are very sensitive also to others

    -> Little children need simplicity.

    -> Little children respond well to the right kind of discipline.

    -> Little children show good powers of reasoning

    -> Little children are not impressed with titles

    -> Little children need to be comforted.

    -> Little children forgive easily.

    -> Little children have great Faith


    -> Little children have intellectual curiosity

    -> Little children can concentrate deeply

    -> Little children have Intense interest...

    -> Little children have good memory in different contexts

    -> Little children are insatiable in asking evermore questions

    -> Little children (of positive actions ending in 'ful') are full...

    Then we discussed qualities to whatever lengths, and participants left to Nurture their Developing... child in the womb, such that when the child emerges from its nest, parent & child already have a wonderful relationship. 🙂

  • maryannfrickomaryannfricko Posts: 133 ✭✭✭

    Has anyone watched the series, Remedy?

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @maryannfricko - Are you asking about this https://remedy.thesacredscience.com/ ? It replays whenever... Anyone registers for it. - And it was discussed here in the forum in 2018, & again this Spring https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/comment/841501

  • maryannfrickomaryannfricko Posts: 133 ✭✭✭

    Yes. I meant the Remedy that you listed. Sorry for missing the discussion about it.

  • RICHARDRICHARD Posts: 18 ✭✭✭

    I have also signed up for many of the free docuseries. Generally I get to watch 4 of the speakers, in part, because I work full time, and also have several part time volunteer positions. I can't concentrate on the speakers if I'm doing something else, so I have to sit at my desk, take notes, and not be distracted to ensure that I gain useful knowledge from the speaker. Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. O'bryan, and Dr. Perlmutter are among those I spend the most time watching.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @maryannfricko - Actually, the reason I posted this link to the https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/comment/841501 discussion is so you can click on it, & Contribute to it as you want. (Unlike many other forums that after a time will Lock a discussion), at TGN here you can return & noone will accuse you of 'resurrecting the dead'. LOL - Really, you can't help it that you were not yet a member a year ago, and ALL of us continue learning... so Feel Free to return to any discussion and Enjoy ! 🙂

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Currently this week the "Chris BEAT cancer" 10 day program is offered for FREE.

    Personally I have been forced to suffer so deeply & long, from others abuse, that twice now (in 1981 & 2013) doctors insisted I would be dead before year's end. REFUSED them all. - Instead the 8 resources that Saved me:

    1.God's Unconditional LOVE, &

    2.my own healthy self-esteem, &

    3.my other dearest 1/2, &

    4.Nutrient-rich veggies & fruits, organically homegrown as much as possible. &

    5.my serving/teaching other people Nutrition plus Gardening, &

    6.my healthy passions like Singing. & all the other phenomenal skills of TINY-kids, &

    7.my passion as a Long-life learner... &

    8.my Icesk8 adventures... where I already proved that Bearing such weight as we do on the ice BUILDS... beyond bones, & too I hope to yet prove that one can Enjoy... any physical Sport for as long as you want.

    Anyway, the 'Success-alphabet' I created & have taught shares the rest. Maybe post it for those Interested.

    I don't know IF we are allowed to give the actual address here, but should you be Interested (even for Prevention), Chris is excellent !. He successfully healed himself of stage 3 Colon-cancer, & after helping 100's other people also Self-heal, he developed his "square 1" program that is now offered for 10 days free.

  • probinson50probinson50 Posts: 51 ✭✭✭

    I must confess I binge watch health summits and a sign up for more than I can watch or listen to. I recently signed up for :

    50 Ways to Women's Wellness now

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texasseeker.nancy - Central Texas Posts: 674 ✭✭✭✭

    @probinson50 me too lol. I think probably many of us do that because we want to be learning all the time. The 50 Ways one sounded good to me as well.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, after 7 months of Non-stop summits, I am on them burnt-out, with few exceptions. -- But yet I continue passionately interested in Summits of exceptional... health.

    And more important: the state of Health should not be the exception. Instead, Vibrant exemplary energetic health was Designed to be the rule.

  • kbmbillups1kbmbillups1 Posts: 393 ✭✭✭✭

    I have listened to probably every summit as well. Sometimes I listen to a lot of the speakers and sometimes only a few. It just depends on the time I have available. I do enjoy them and have learned A LOT! The Food Revolution was the first one I ever listened to. I was shocked at the things I learned. If only everyone would hear these things! They'd change the way they eat and drink as well as a lot more! They might even get hooked on these summits.😀

    I can't wait for the 5G summit coming up. I've listened to the free bonus speakers and have become even more concerned about 5G. It's amazing what we do for $$$ in our country without any safety studies.

    I just signed up for the Electric Body Summit but sadly it doesn't start until October 7th. It's about GMO's, toxins,EMF's, and other things that cause our cells not to communicate causing chronic illness. Dietrick Klinghart and Christine Schaffner are the hosts so I'm sure there will be more information than I'll be able to soak up. http://urltag.net/DLMkn

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @kbmbillups1 Thank you for attending the 5G summit. And millions of others agree.. In fact beyond Scientists & MD's in the know, also increasing states & cities recognize what is going on: https://whatis5g.info/small-cells/ what is not safe, & provide citizens with Healthy choices: " 'SafeG' means safe, fast, reliable, secure internet and telecommunications services brought into our homes and businesses by wired technology. ---- It means technology that safeguards our health, privacy & security, and

    that evolves over time with the goal of reducing exposure to harmful wireless radiation."

    Most members here probably can not believe, that until 2018 we did Not own a "smart"-phone. But it is true: A growing # of people globally are determined to be "EMF-hypersensitive", as am I. - But having the doctor write letters to the Water, & Electric-utilities amounted to nothing. As they DON'T care, they merely laughed, - Re the 'smart'-phone: I never use Internet on it, + keeping it a foot from my body, I use it for under a minute for rare calls on Speaker-phone, & only in rare emergency have I texted a brief message. - Then left OFF, it stays hidden somewhere, & never comes in the house. Charged on Sunday.

    I informed my work about the same Drs. orders, & as they don't want to be sued, my job is safe, for now.

    Only with an Informed public will right prevail.

  • kbmbillups1kbmbillups1 Posts: 393 ✭✭✭✭

    @rainbow We bought a new car a couple years ago with blue tooth - before I knew about any of the EMF info. My daughters can't ride in the car without feeling sick - dizzy mostly sometimes sick to their stomachs. Sadly, we cannot disconnect the blue tooth in the car perminemently. So we have to turn it off (even though it constantly searches for a blue tooth device to connect to) & make sure all phones in the car have blue tooth turned off before go anywhere. Both of them say they're going to buy a car without blue tooth when the grow up. I'm afraid the only way they'll be able to do that if by buying a very old car by then. I believe more people will have EMF sensitivities in the future.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    Saddened to hear about your children also sickened by the EMF. -

    And it's already happening to far more..., than (those Intent on raking in $Trillions) will likely ever publically Admit), because to do that would expose them for what they are. So the 'official' decree is "it's ALL IN YOUR HEAD; Nothing here to worry about". Really?? - They know exactly what can be done with EMF, it's no secret, except to a still Ignorant general public being massively Bamboozled, as they always have been. - And they do NOT care, one iota about others. Selfishness & Greed is their only interest.

    Am only on our 3rd, vehicle: the 1st. we had 1975 to '90: Dodge Dart w/ a slant 6 engine, super Reliable in every way. Next, (while we were still in dire straights): the S-10 pickup 1991 to 2008, & when I sold it 17 years later, the mechanic said: "The engine is purring like a kitten, you had it well Maintained." I said "Sir, there was no $, so I learned to do the maintenance myself". And he said "Wow, you did an excellent job!" - Then our current vehicle is 15 years old, & tho a neighborhood criminal Intending on having me meet my Maker, hit me head-on at 45mph, the car warped beyond belief, still does the job, & I am Thankful. 3 vehicles in about 45 years, & no GPS ever.

    So why did I disclose all that? - Okay, since your children's health is FAR more important to you, than the latest/greatest new car, - what do you think of Selling it, & buy an "old car" to protect your family from further harm. - Without a second's hesitation, that's what I would do, what @kbmbillups1 do you think ?

  • kbmbillups1kbmbillups1 Posts: 393 ✭✭✭✭

    @rainbow We do have several older cars that don't have blue tooth that we drive most of the time. Guess that's why my kids said they're going to buy one without it when they get older.

    Started listening to the summit. Very good info!

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭


    ooops, got myself a bit Sidetracked there, lol. - Thanks for getting this conversation back on track... & yes, I have watched all of today's speakers before on Utube, they really know the score, Experts... - And since I dearly love the tiniest kiddies, I especially appreciate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s mission-critical involvement. - Hoping they have lots of Transcripts. What did you learn re 5G today that you did not know before ?

  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,328 ✭✭✭✭

    By afternoon, I was unable to get to the 5G server for replays. Their help desk contact was on the same server. I will try again today.

  • shllnzlshllnzl Southwestern UtahPosts: 1,328 ✭✭✭✭

    The 5G summit is back up today and they will play day 1 longer because of the server crash. Apparently the server couldn't handle the number of people who were trying to access it.

  • silvertipgrizzsilvertipgrizz Posts: 1,639 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi everyone.

    Here is a link to another teaching session that is free that someone is sure to enjoy:


  • seeker.nancy - Central Texasseeker.nancy - Central Texas Posts: 674 ✭✭✭✭

    Wow, my mind is blown from hearing the talks on the 5G summit. I didn't catch all of yesterday's talks so I will watch for the free weekend. I highly recommend listening to all you can as they all seem to look at it in different (but not conflicting) ways.

  • maryannfrickomaryannfricko Posts: 133 ✭✭✭

    If you missed some of the talks, you can purchase the summit still.

  • ines871ines871 zn8APosts: 1,398 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hopefully More... (than the current 190,000) people will tune IN. I informed like 20 people of this Summit: re the greatest Existential threat to all life-forms on planet earth. AND 5G Summit attendees have sent 50,000+ notices of Liability to their elected reps, from the site. And that’s only in the first 2 days.

    Raymond Broomhall is an awake lawyer in Australia. You will meet him on Day 5 then on the final Day 7, in anotherr revelatory 2-part interview. His legal action process has stopped 1,600 installations of 5G cell sites – and actually removed another 900. And he’s going to teach us how to do it.

    Ray also wrote the short-form Notice of Liability, which you can quickly send from ANY Speaker page during the Summit.


    before I state how EMF already personally impacted me, & the other 20+% of the global population thus far, with more soon, - here's what happened less than 4 miles from us here, just last week: They tested the 5G , & the very next day the neighborhood awoke to find dead birds, & bees, & other insects all over their yards, & driveways. This must be stopped.

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texasseeker.nancy - Central Texas Posts: 674 ✭✭✭✭

    @maryannfricko yes it can still be purchased at a discount. They will also have a free weekend in a few weeks so I am keeping a list of any talks I miss.

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