What should we call our tribe ❓ 🤫

The team and I are wondering what we should call ourselves?

Got any ideas?

"Growies" sounds terrible!

"Changemakers" might be too, uh... soemthing

"Lifers" might have prison connotations LOL

"Permies" already taken, and kind of specialized

"Preppers" none of us going to admit that, although we kinda are

Hey, maybe this could be a secret society where even we don't know the name of it 😎

(oh yeah, seriously getting into my emoitcon mode)

How do you refer to The Grow Network and your friends here?

What's your suggestion? OOOHHH maybe we'll have a contest!



  • ines871
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    @Marjory Wildcraft - you are soo funny, LOL

    Who all is "the team" ? & who said it has to be only one? word - inquiring minds wanna know.

    For sure, it should have Organic as a part, agreed ? and how about Abundance ?

    Hey what @ G.O.A.L. " Gardeners' Organic Abundant Life " - do you like this?

    Well, there's F.O.O.D. - Friends Of Organic & Delicious

    Then there's A.M.E.N. prolly atheists'd boo !! that right out!, sigh.

    Hopefully nobody laughs AT these.


  • Tammy
    Tammy Posts: 11 ✭✭✭

    I guess I get to get the comments going. I am sure there will be better suggestions. Can't think of one word yet but maybe Family Of Growers because we are one big family here or could use FOG for short.

    Another one isFree Spirit Growers 😎

  • Melody Castello
    Melody Castello Posts: 13 ✭✭✭

    I will have to give this some thought, but whatever we decide the name shouldn’t pertain only to growing. It should encompass all the aspects of self - sufficiency as I believe this is the goal of most of us who participate.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    My post disappeared before I could make it permanent here! Agh!

    A reminder...not all here are preppers. Some are homesteaders of whatever definition (I fit in here), some are just plain curious, and so on.

    @Marjory Wildcraft I agree with @Melody Castello above, this group isn't just about growing food anymore.

    Name changes can be confusing. Is it for the whole network or just the forum group?

    Some suggestions (both names & terms) to help brainstorm...

    Movers & Shakers

    Skill Savers

    Skills Swappers

    Skill Seekers

    Skill Keepers (idea of old knowledge/skills passed on by "those in the know", kind of an elders idea)

    Knowledge Keepers (like above)

    Knowledge Seekers

    Knowledge Savers

    Knowledge Growers

    Inquiring Minds



    Past Pursuits (I know, not so great)

    Honoring past, living present

    Learn by doing

    That's all I have right now.

  • Blair
    Blair Posts: 46

    If it is not broke why fix it? What is wrong with The Grow Network? after all we are a network and hopefully not only the things and animals we work with but we ourselves are in growth and growing. I like "The Grow Network"

  • hmsadmin
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    edited August 2019

    I don't believe "The Grow Network" is up for a change, we really like that, it resonates well with all we do, and Marjory had a serious adventure getting that name for us in the beginning too, haha!

    We're looking more for what we can call ourselves, beyond the public facing The Grow Network.. We don't have it as easy as "Permies" or "Primal Lifers", lol, but it would be awesome to have some term for us to use as we introduce ourselves and the TGN ideals to people that could benefit from joining our community too.

    I do like the idea of using an acronym! We just do so much here that it's hard to fit it all into one "name" but an acronym could encompass more of what we do!

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,585 admin

    @rainbow the "Team" is the staff behind thes cenes here at the Grow Network - Linzi, Jimerson, Nikki, Ruth, Merin, Antony... check them out https://thegrownetwork.com/about-us/

  • ines871
    ines871 Posts: 1,283 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for the gentle reminder @Marjory Wildcraft . You are each & all doing a Great 🤗 job! Yes, you are.

  • shllnzl
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    Living by Learning

    Always Learning

  • Miya
    Miya Posts: 8 ✭✭✭

    SOULS = seekers of unlimited living sustainability or could plug in different words such as: sustainable, self reliant, organizers, originators, universal, unique, luminaries. Just a thought.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,585 admin

    Yes! that is one characteristic. We are always learning....

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,585 admin


    Hi @Miya you know, I am pondering this one more and more.


  • Teresa Klepac
    Teresa Klepac Posts: 24 ✭✭✭

    I guess I am just weird but what is wrong with 'The Team' of 'The Grow Network'?

  • Jimerson
    Jimerson Posts: 291 admin

    Some brainstorm ideas 🧠🌩️💡

    Makers - we make stuff happen.

    Fixers - No situation we can't repair, especially the Earth!

    Outsiders - we might not be normal, but we like it that way.

    Producers - Turning vision into reality.

    Watchers - wardens of the Earth

    Bees - because we work together for a greater good (also, because bees are AWESOME)

    Villagers - because we are a close community

    Rascals - light hearted fun, oh you know we are all about the shenanigans

    Wildlings - because in nature is where we belong

    Wonders - oh to behold us!

    Hopefully some of these spark ideas for you!

  • genaeliza
    genaeliza Posts: 3 ✭✭✭

    Here's a few ideas..


    Connected Growers

    Growing Together

    Together We Grow

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,585 admin

    Ah!!! The Team.

    Like, if you've got to ask which team you are so not with it LOL

    The team that is restoring the Earth.

  • anita.toler73
    anita.toler73 Posts: 24 ✭✭✭

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I was really attracted to the name The Grow Network. It really resounded with what I am interested in - and then when I checked it out I realized it is SO much more! Herbal, organic, homestead, gardening, canning - can you really put all that and more into one name? And if I am mistaken and you are looking for a name for the Team of grow Network...well, I kind of think that is fitting too. I am new here, but been scouting the forums and the "about" and the people that make up this great site, and it IS a team, a great collaborative team.

    If my opinion means anything, I feel it is already fitting 😀

  • sarah121
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    Maybe a name with the word "seed" in it? After all we're attempting to instigate change as well as grow in the process. I envisage the group as developing from a sapling or small seed into an oak tree with branches spreading across the Globe. I know this doesn't help resolve the issue of nailing down a name, but it is something to think on.

  • Mary Ellen Cota
    Mary Ellen Cota Posts: 1 ✭✭✭

    How about "sprouts"?

  • anectarine1
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    How about nourish-ers it accommodates everything from growing to healing. 😁

  • Volodymyr
    Volodymyr Posts: 1

    11:39 Saturday 10 August 2019 EDT


    Just saw your section on "Help! What's Our Nickname?" in the news letter this morning. It motivated me to look at the main site again. While I am still in the process of familiarizing myself with the different areas of the site, I wanted to comment. 

    Marjory, what motivated you to ask this question? 

    What is the perceived unmet need you saw that needed to be addressed?

    There are some other areas that you may wish to address.  If there is a strategic vision for TGN on the https://thegrownetwork.com/about-us/ page, I have missed it.  What is your strategic vision?  On this page there are a series of initiatives which can be interpreted as mini mission statements.  Do you have an encompassing mission statement for TGN?  

    Instead of a nickname why not work on some type of slogan which describes TGN for this place in time. It does not have to be set in stone, but rather can change from year-to-year. Some of the best corporate examples have come from Coke. They are memorable, and are listed in various sites on the Web. I do not like the product, nor do I like the company, yet what they have done in this area can be applied here. There are other examples with other fast food companies. 

    Another area is creating an elevator speech for TGN that can encapsulate any of the above. This can potentially serve as a template for members in their spontaneous every day interactions. Part of any marketing is distilling a sampling of organic conversations that motivate the participant to further engage. What does TGN have that can contribute to this objective? A great deal. 

    Do you have a manifesto for TGN? One of the best of late comes from The Document Foundation in Germany that sponsors LibreOffice. This may be of use to you in considering this area. 


    Is there any section on TGN that has a library of PDF files for general use, i.e. general marketing? I am aware of the PDF files in the "Library" area, but what about for the general viewer who has not made the jump? 

    What is there in the "Academy" section that describes the type of content the potential user will receive, i.e. in what form? 

    Along with "The Grow Team", and the "Advisory Board" what are some of their ideas for TGN in reference to the above questions? Marjory, where do you want to be in one, three, five, and ten years? Milestones are not set in stone, but rather your guide posts as points of reference for changing times. 

    If some of what I have presented is already accessible these are my oversights. 

    These are some topics offered as food for thought similar to a Chinese Buffet realizing that no one may like, nor be in the mood for it. 

    All the Best,


  • Rose
    Rose Posts: 3 ✭✭✭

    The Grow Guru's :0)

  • shllnzl
    shllnzl Posts: 1,816 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nature's Knowledge Seekers

  • Ken Alva
    Ken Alva Posts: 1 ✭✭✭

    How about "BioWise, or BioLife" ?



    Ken Alva

  • Rose
    Rose Posts: 3 ✭✭✭

    And if you want to use it as an acronym:

    The Guru's:






  • roketscience
    roketscience Posts: 1 ✭✭✭

    What about New'Buds'

  • Marjory Wildcraft
    Marjory Wildcraft Posts: 1,585 admin

    Hi @Volodymyr - a lot of questions! I'll do my best.

    The purpose of the 'nickname' is a fun way for all of us to be able to identify with belonging to The Grow Network. No, we don't plan on changing the Grow Networks name or re-branding (way too much invested in that already).

    What I'm looking for is a fun kind of name we refer to ourselves as. Maybe something we could put on a t-shirt or coffee mug :)

    The over riding vision is that we are building a 100 year company to assist humanity with the incredible changes we are involved with and that are coming. I love technology and fascinated by the rapid evolution we are engaged in (I read voraciously on technology, economics, possbible futures, and trends).

    And, I fundamentally believe that a garden and some home made medicines are crucial to any future scenario you can envision.

    Yes TGN does have a written 5 year plan. Each year we create an annual plan, and pull quarterly objectives from the annual plan. We have weekly meetings to ensure the quarters objectives are on track (all of these are internal docs). An organization like this cannot be run without clear conistant leadership and vision. You can ask any one of the team what they are working on and why, and they will tell you exactly.

    The elevator speech:

    "We are the premier community of people who grow their own food, make medicine, and build community resiliency. We are stopping the destruction of the Earth via home grown food on every table".

    SO got any good idea's for names for our tribe?

  • dianne.misspooz
    dianne.misspooz Posts: 105 ✭✭✭

    This really got my brain in gear to try to find a good name... here a couple right off the top, given the suggestions above:


    The Stewards... since we are stewards of the earth.

    H.O.E. Ok, this one needs an explanation! We try to create 'Heaven On Earth' with our plots of land. Sorry, just trying to join in the acronym fun! 😂

    I'll keep my thinking cap on while I work my beds this afternoon :)

  • Ann
    Ann Posts: 11 ✭✭✭

    Whatever the name for ourselves is will be used in sentences such as:

    To a crowd, “Hey there <name>, how’s it going out there?”

    ”I’m a <name>, are you a <name>?”

    “<name> Unite!”

    “You’re a <name> if you grow your own food, make medicine, and build community resiliency.”

    “There will be a <name> meeting next month. Bring a dish!”

    If more than one word, be aware of the accompanying acronym I thought “Balance Seekers” but... you know. Also, we’re more do-ers instead of seekers, really.

    For me, I imagine the Grow Network consists of people reclaiming their (our!) culture from a time when it was healthy and sustainable. We’re remembering and reclaiming the good things from a time of balance and wholeness.

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