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    I have personally decreased little by little. I cook everything myself and I will gradually decrease the quantity of sugar in each recipe. Now all the family is between 0 and 30% of the required quantity in the recipe. Now we can’t eat anymore cakes that have been cooked with the normal quantity of sugar. Or things like Nutella became very disgusting. It came naturally but slowly. I think it is not possible to remove it from one day to another.

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    ...and you need magnesium at that time, which is in chocolate!

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    I've read that cravings around your moon time is your body's signal that it needs minerals. Basically the blood rich lining of the uterus is shed because no fertilized egg was implanted in it. The old lining is shed to make way for a new lining which requires "advanced" nutrition i.e. lots of minerals.

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    Thanks for the information ladies (&lads). I'm having issues with inflammation both from RA (so in my joints) as well as ulcers on my feet from venous issues(not diabetic). I'm going to be removing added sugar from what I eat (no ice cream, candy bars, etc) and try to eat more fruits(I've no issues eating enough veggies 😆), drink more water, etc.

    I'm hoping to start on the course this weekend 👍

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    Why is it that most people can accept that alcohol is addictive, and they don't suggest "Just use it in moderation" to a recovering alcoholic, but when someone says they are a sugar addict, the first thing out of their mouth is "Just cut back" or something similar. Why? Why is that? Why don't we take it seriously? Why are we dooming many of our kids in the US to decades of misery because we're passing our addictions on to them?

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    I just started the 14 day sugar detox today. It's been ok so far. I added plenty of butter to the veggies I had for dinner and I've been drinking herbal tea. The tea seems to be helping. On the days my husband is working it's alot easier for me to avoid sugar. When he's home though we spent most date nights chilling and snacking so I'm nervous about the next day he's off.

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    @karenjanicki maybe if you have healthy snacks prepared for his next day off you can both snack on these rather than the usual?!

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    I took a challenge one month. It was difficult at first, but I thought I could take it one day at a time. It got easier but I still wanted some foods on the don't eat list. By the end of week two it was easier to avoid and I knew the month-long challenge was in the bag. It really did my body good to accept the challenge. Good luck to you. Mine was similar to this. Please delete if not allowed. There are some sweeteners, but due to how body processes them, they're allowed. I really like Stevie in my teas. :)

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    I'm halfway through the 14 day detox now. I felt really good up to this point and not really struggling with cravings until yesterday. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted my usual snacks. I felt panicky that I wouldn't get to have them anymore and felt restricted and upset. I made it through but when I woke up today I feel horribly achy all over especially my thighs. I know detoxing can make you achy. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    karenjanicki Yes, I also get achy (especially in my back) when detoxing. If I get off track with my eating and then come back to detoxing foods like seaweed and bone broth, it will feel intense the first couple days until I get back in the groove of a proper diet. I hope you're feeling better. What detox program are you doing, or are you following something you came up with? From what I've read it's important to ease into it, detoxing one organ at a time, and starting with the colon, I believe. "The Truth About Detox" is an excellent documentary. I hope you're feeling better... the achy thighs sounds terrible; I get that sensation during my cycle.

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    I do feel much better than I did thank God. A little tired and worn out today but it's the last day of the 14 day detox. I'm following the protocol from the class here in the grow network. I have noticed real changes physically and mentally. I have more clarity and focus. I feel better. Still struggle with fatigue but not as badly. I want to keep going on the no refined sugar and refined carbs plan. I'm hoping I can finally lose and keep the extra weight off now for good.

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    I see a detox as a limited time period used to cleanse/reset my body's rhythm. Generally I use a 4 week detox where I eliminate, processed foods, sugar, salt, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts & seeds, oils and most grains. The fifth week I start re-introducing food groups over time to see how I feel after eating them.

    I have done detox to control inflammation and find what works for me, which has changed over time to some extent. I also switched to purified water and find that I do drink more water now. I have done this detox several times over the past couple years and as a result have lost just over 50 pounds, gone off medications for, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gout and high cholesterol. My meat consumption is down about 90%, sugar and salt consumption is very low, white processed grains are down 95% and processed food consumption is negligible.

    I still have 50+ pounds to lose and my health journey continues as a winding and hilly road, but I feel more in control of my health and well-being than I have in a long, long time.

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    I'm on 76 days no refined sugar now. Feel alot better and have lost a little more than 8lbs.It has helped me quit binge eating thank God! So thankful for the sugar detox program!

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    @karenjanicki are you still free of refined sugars? Any new advice for someone just starting the journey?

    I stopped eating anything with obvious sugars like cookies, milk chocolate, donuts, etc. 22 days ago. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be so I decided to do the course in the Academy. I am on day 8 of my detox. I also plan to continue with it as a life style for the most part. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I have be recommending it to everyone. I have lost almost 30lbs already. I has been such an amazing experience! My kids haven't even noticed that dinner has been void of anything processed or containing carbs. They have mentioned that they feel more healthy and are wondering why lol. This is a game changer for my whole family.

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    I'm really glad to hear that. I'm still doing my best. I avoid sugary junk foods and most grain products. I havent indulged this season. It's hard some days especially now surrounded with goodies but I'm done about 19 pounds. I'm frustrated the weight isnt coming off faster. I've been doing it since October 2nd. I was doing keto but I can't at the moment so I'm just eating as healthy as I can. Did you loose 30 pounds in 8 days? Cause I need that secret no joke.

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    Grounded Do you mind if I ask what you do eat when your detoxing? It is an pretty extensive list of things you don't eat, but looks like basically vegetarian is all that is left. I'm an old country girl. Meat and potatoes type. Not sure if I could handle all vegetarian.

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    @vickeym I was going to say I'm not Grounded, but it sounded bad.

    You can eat meat in unlimited quantities. Take another look at the game rules for all participants and scroll down to the list of foods you can eat. I can't do a vegetarian diet, either.

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    We replace sugar by organic dried fruit. There is always a storage of different fruit at home. We also use organic honey. So, whenever we need something sweet, we treat ourselves either to a few fruit, or some mixture of dried or fresh fruit, whipped cream. My husband used to have diabetes II. Since we stopped using sugar it gradually disappeared. Fruit, dried fruit and honey do not bring it back. He checks his sugar level regularly.

    And we lost weight. And our immune system got stronger....

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    @karenjanicki No not 30lbs in 8 days. If I had that secret I would gladly share it. I have lost 30 pounds since I stopped eating large amounts of refined sugar 23 days ago.

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    @herbantherapy oh I forgot to write that bitters decrease the craving for sweetness. I have a bottle of self made “bitter” and have a tea spoon from time to time for a better mood or for less appetite...

    thank you for raising this topic. It is interesting and useful to learn different ways of getting rid of sugar.

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    This is an ongoing battle for me. Especially this time of year. I've eaten more sugar in the past two days than I have this month. Why are our Holiday traditions so focused on sweets? I know in the days when sweets were scarce, they were a holiday treat, but now it seems like it's full on sugar on every day that ends in 'y'. We go from Christmas to Valentine's Day to Easter with candy, candy candy. Where are the holidays that promote healthy eating? Ugh. Anyway, I am great at starting these detox's but not so great at maintaining once I've finished. It seems like the unhealthy foods creep back in and the sugar as well. I know it's a mindset, but I haven't found the discipline to stay the course. While I would love to through out all the junk, that is not feasible at this time. Donating to a food pantry is getting it out of my house, but then I am just passing it on and encouraging others to be unhealthy. I think my first step needs to be when I make my grocery list and sticking to it so as not to bring the sugar and processed foods into the house in the first place.

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    Congratulations though that's still an incredible accomplishment. I've only lost 19 pounds in almost 3 months. Its discouraging to say the least. I'm still trying though.

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    I took this course and I have one question, why are Quinoa & Lentils on the Food To Avoid list since Quinoa is a seed and Lentil is a legume not a grain?

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    @karenjanicki it breaks my heart to hear that you are feeling discouraged. Believe me I know the feeling. Stay positive. I know you can do it!

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    Congratulations to everyone who has started on this program!

    Everyone is going to have differing reactions based on their body types and what else they are doing in the way of other foods and what their exercise levels are like. Emotions and stress will play a part, too. Everyone is going to have different plateaus, too, where they will remain at the same weight for a period of time. If you are exercising quite a bit and building muscle mass, you might actually gain weight as muscle weighs more than fat.

    So don't get discouraged if you aren't losing weight or seeing other benefits quickly as you would like. This is a lifestyle change. Those benefits might be slower to appear but be better for the long term.

    Cheers to the bitters suggestion @jolanta.wittib! Big fan of bitters! When you are craving something sweet, try a few drops of bitters. Its a way of training your taste buds away from sugar to where it should be, on bitter.

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    My husband does almost all of the cooking in our house and while I appreciate it, I just can't eat the way he does. He made mini tarts with black walnuts and sugar like one would make pecan pie. I could only eat one bite. I just don't like the sweet stuff. I even find apples too sweet. I'm not sure why I don't like sweet and I probably hurt his feelings by turning down what he thinks is are wonderful treats, but I prefer a vegetable casserole or soup any day of the week.

    I had never heard of the vitamin k and sugar craving link. Very interesting. I had heard about craving sugar and wanting your mother. What does that say about me? Uh oh.

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    Thank you. I appreciate it. I have a medical condition that makes weight loss difficult but I want to keep pushing.

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