3 Videos in 1st. class: Not clickable

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Many people think & call me already a "Master gardener", lol

So just for fun I wondered about this "Instant" distinction. But 3 of the videos are Not able to be watched. Is anybody aware ?


  • Karin
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    I haven't done the course yet, but the first one is ok. Which 3 can't be watched? And have you messaged the admin team?

  • ines871
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    @karinm - Never said the "first". I said "3 of the videos". And when you DO take the course, you will know what.

    Too considering "Home Medicine 101 homework and quiz access problem" also has problems, what maybe happened is 10 (of 12+) courses were caught in the Cross-hairs of the change-over, to the new forum Software about 3 months ago. - When people go back to Discussion-starters AFTER the changeover, the O.P.'s are no longer there, as I discovered here https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/696746/propogating-berries , so in trying to respond, all one sees are various Titles. --- This particular O.P. Jen returned the next day explaining "Seems that the original content got lost during the recent forum update/reshape." - And since Admins read new discussions, I was just asking them about the current issues.

    Strange: "Not done" the course, - yet on 4th. day in the Forum already Nit-picking someone who is in it.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @rainbow and @karinm I'm cc'ing @Jimerson here. Yes! We care a LOT!

    We just upgraded our certifications software! It is different fromt eh upgrades we did witht he forums... but any modern online organization is constantly having to upgrade, so this is one more piece we've been working on improving.

    Yeah, and of course there are probably bugs... Goes with the territory of software changes. Can you relates specifically what is not working? Mr. Super J - the tech wizard who fixes the internet around here - will ge it straightened out a.s.a.p..

    Er, I hope so... LOL

  • ines871
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    edited August 2019

    Oh re " of course there are probably bugs... Goes with the territory of software changes. Can you relate specifically what is not working?

    Mr. Super J - the tech wizard who fixes the internet around here - will get it straightened out a.s.a.p.............. Er, I hope so..."

    @Marjory Wildcraft - sooo hilarious ! (she says in a kind-hearted way.) It doesn't take much to make me laugh... prolly a Good thing, LOL)

    Mind you I'm also Not laughing AT Jim. -

    & re "the 3 videos" out of commission: ' Let's start at the very Beginning, a very good place to Start ', as Julie Andrews agrees:

    On this page https://academy.thegrownetwork.com/certifications/instant-master-gardener/ - we can see 8 lessons. Click on # 1, & get

    to this page: https://academy.thegrownetwork.com/lessons/instant-master-gardener-lesson-1-the-secret-to-a-green-thumb/ your 1st. 4+ min. Video

    Underneath the video, & underneath the "Adventure Report", it says > Back To Instant Master Gardener Home and

    Underneath that, when you Click on 1 Instant Master Gardener Lesson 1 you Arrive here https://academy.thegrownetwork.com/

    There are shown TEN Courses, and EACH of them say on the bottom: "Enrolled - Enter Course"

    (Um, NOT until this Conundrun is Solved, will I try yet a Third.)

    Then go back to 1 Instant Master Gardener Lesson 1 , and Click on 1 The Secret To A Green Thumb Quiz.

    And what do you know - You're right back to https://academy.thegrownetwork.com/

    on bottom : "see a full adventure report on the trip to Cuba http://growyourowngroceries.org/lessons-for-americans-from-a-visit-to-an-economically-collapsed-country/)

    Click on that, &

    Arrive at https://thegrownetwork.com/lessons-for-americans-from-a-visit-to-an-economically-collapsed-country/ on top it says, twice: Lessons For Americans From A Visit To An Economically Collapsed Country (at this Repetition, I thought "Alzheimers, YUP the Database has serious Dementia-issues; poor thing" lololol

    Underneath that it says "How do you feed 11 million people when all your systems crash and the entire world turns its back on you? --- Marjory went on a journey to visit the island nation of Cuba to discover just how severe economic collapse can be, and what the Cuban people have done to overcome that horrible and tragic time. This video outlines her trip and offers many insights into the differences and similarities with how economic collapse may unfold here in the US."

    And in the Middle it says: [i4wislogged_in]

    Welcome [i4wuserfirst_name], to your members only webinar. Full video is now available! Viewable below 🙂

    So why would Marjory want to go to Cuba? Then

    on the bottom of that 4 th. page listed are the three Non-functioning videos, to wit:

    1. " To see the interview with Ronnie Cummins, the founder of the “Millions Against Monsanto” campaign, click here

    http://www.growyourowngroceries.org/?s=ronnie&x=13&y=6 "
    "0 Search Results for ronnie " < Direct quote, I kid you not.

    Next, 2.To see the interview with Alberto Gonzales and his struggle to feed his family during the “Special Period” click here


    Now at that juncture the Database takes a LONG.... NAP right there, what do you get ?? Drumroll.... (be patient, it's a virtue) LOL

    " https://thegrownetwork.com/economic-collapse-survivor-marjory-wildcraft-interviews-alberto-gonzales/

    There you see a SQUARE window, with the words " Video: GROW YOUR OWN GROCERIES " inside the window. omg, it's only a plain frame.

    And underneath that window, @Marjory Wildcraft says Marjory date_range April 19, 2013

    " What is it like to live through economic collapse of your county? - What do you do when you can’t feed your kids? - What illegal activities will you resort to when times get really tough? Marjory Wildcraft interviews economic collapse survivor Alberto Gonzales."

    Then after Marjory's BIO, when you Click on the bottom , you get to https://thegrownetwork.com/author/marjory-2/ at that point, you pretty much know the 3 Videos are a LOST cause, at this point. - oh, but there's 1 more:

    3.To see the interview with Rita Ojeda and her inspiring story of how to keep your families spirits up during a crisis, click here

    http://www.growyourowngroceries.org/economic-collapse-survivor-gives-advice-to-americans-preppers/ - At last patience is rewarded, as you actually see a color-picture with Marjory on the right facing Rita on the left, but NOwhere to Click on anything. it is only a STILL photo, with

    this Underneath "Rita had small children when suddenly the buses stopped running, the lights went out, and food was very difficult to come by. This emergency went on for years – not the weeks or months of a simple weather event. Hear Rita tell in her own words how she got by and managed to keep up the spirits of not only her family, but the neighborhood around her.

    Listen at the end when I ask Rita for advice for Americans who are preparing for economic collapse here in the US. Then start your first garden, buy some rabbits or chickens, and buy the video set that will teach you how to grow food and turn your backyard into an organic food producing paradise."

    Next, it says: Norman says: May 3, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    There are some differences.

    1. Cuba became communist and government took over all property, jobs, etc.

    2. The free world imposed a unilateral embargo that kept tourists out, goods scarce

    3. Cars, trucks, tractors, machinery suddenly was limited to things already on hand

    4. Food imports ceased

    Our economic collapse is missing ALL of these factors.

    1. We will need to produce most of our own food

    2. Repair parts, fuel, vehicles, etc will become scarce and expensive but will not experience what Cuba did

    3. It will be an exaggerated version of what the depression was"

    TWENTY-FIVE more comments down, the most recent one was : Ines871says: August 9, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Hi @Marjory – How to get those 3 videos above to work?


    After that happened yesterday, I am now a "Founding Member" ? - But I thought TGN started in 2012, Right ?

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    ========================== okay I was willing to take the TWO hours plus, it took me to Reconstruct+Report just this one issue: of like 13 links producing NO Videos, But I can NOT do that for any other Course(s), or Classes, or Videos. or what-have-you. - Um,

    my paralyzed Sweetie needs FOOD, & my Time (whatever precious little that is), as well. - So hopefully @Jimerson can FIX ALL the Courses PLEASE.

  • Karin
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    Hey rainbow

    I understand you're frustrated but I was merely asking which 3 were not working so I could be prepared when, in between work, family, animals to feed, etc, I got into the course. This isn't "nit-picking" in my view. Sorry about your frustrations but please don't take them out on someone who is not responsible for them.

    Best of luck with getting things sorted.

  • ines871
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    Sorry, that you thought was 'taking frustration out on' you. - Was saying had you entered the course, you would also know...., iow asking you to take responsibility for making your post helpful, instead not. - In the meantime (outside any other academy wanderings), our time is better spent elsewhere, like in our own homestead(s), & posts.

    Further...Tech-challenges, outside the academy, exist; alongside issue at hand. --- Sometimes it can take a while for us posting members to become aware we play a negligible part in another's endeavor: such as the "100 year company" Admin. team is advancing, as specifically pointed out yesterday in What should we call our ;. iow cc'ing Jimerson as in the past, may fall OFF radar again, because Admin team's focus centers on profit endeavors.

    Nonetheless we can Each continue "making a positive difference" 🙂 1person +1family +1homestead at any given time... In this Enjoy a wonderful 🙂 week @karinm

  • Jimerson
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    All Instant Master Gardner lesson videos have been checked and are working appropriately. If you are experiencing video issues, please refer to this video playback troubleshooting page created by Wistia, the service hosting these videos for us: https://wistia.com/support/troubleshooting/playback-troubleshooting

    Thank you

  • ines871
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    Okay @Jimerson , since we had no problems with any of the other 23 classes, courses, & Summits we've attended on the www, plus the Quiz here today works too, I find it Odd that the Videos still do not work. -

    Nonetheless, I went to that Troubleshooting page, & will , when have time, Hopefully get it Solved.

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