Newbie from Canada - A big food garden challenge/problem, but where to begin?

Hello fellow The Grow Network members,

I`m a newbie from Canada, and this is my first post. I read posts by other members on TGN and I like it here already.

First of all, I’m a hobbyist gardener for several years and with plenty of challenges. However, I have one big one – predators both small (insects) and big (rodents to foxes).

We have tried so many things to help control them, but nothing works.

I’m pretty sure something is off balance.  

I used to see and solve problems in an isolated way. However in the last half year I come to really understand that this does not work, and a healthy garden comprises a multitude of related sub-ecosystems all interconnected in balance. Affecting one subsystem can wreak havoc on the entire garden.

I’m pretty sure some subsystem somewhere is off balance.  

For the past 2 years, we have had literally thousands of Japanese Beetles raiding our garden. Leaves disappear in a matter of hours. Some birds and/or rodents are eating our tomatoes both red and green leaving holes in them, but never finishing them. Some animals bite the stems of beans leaving the whole top uneaten, as if to just have fun vandalizing. And the list goes on.

I’m pretty sure some subsystem somewhere is off balance.

But I don’t know what it is, nor would I know where to begin.

I shall appreciate any feedback from this community.