Geese - They are a Problem.....

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Hey there,

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping geese out without having to use dangerous chemicals, even those that say it's just bad for the goose, but won't affect any other animal because I do struggle to believe that. Gross as it is, my dog tends to clean up after them (i.e. eat their waste) because she's gross like that. Nonetheless, the area is large. I have a 4 acre pond and property that surrounds that, so it's a great gathering place for them. This is an area where we are on the weekends, but not throughout the week. So, they tend to move in while we are gone.

Furthermore, I have a number of nesting birds like bluebirds that I don't want to scare off with decoys or harm with chemicals. Making me feel like I might have an issue that means eliminating all of the wildlife in order to fix my goose issue. :(

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    I prefer a crossbow as it is much quieter than a shotgun (doesn’t wake anyone when you tag a couple geese first thing in the morning). For geese I really like to clean them, run them through the sausage grinder with some teriyaki and spices, stuff them into beef stick casings and smoke them until they are crazy delicious (I like to grind skinless and lean but I add in some uncured bacon to get a nice fat balance in the finished product). You get that snap of a beef stick, nice soft chew, and the smoky bacon teriyaki pairs well and mellows the goose flavor. Do that for a couple years and you will be surprised at how few geese ever visit your pond (they learn quick).

    The only other thing I can think of is only good if you don’t have any chickens or animals yourself (especially small dogs or cats). And that is to build some owl and eagle nests and try to attract them in. It will scare off the small birds and critters, but you get to watch owls and eagles all the time (and that is very cool).

    Overall, I recommend the teriyaki bacon/goose sausage sticks, they are super tasty and a great snack on the go. They keep well in the freezer if you get a lot (but they disappear pretty quick so it’s hard to get a decent stash of them). The free meat will offset your crossbow, bolts, sausage making investment within a couple/few years and it solves your delicious problem.