Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Better for the Planet? Here's the Science.

"As Shauna Sadowski, head of sustainability for the natural and organic operating unit at General Mills, puts it, 'Our current model is an extractive one that has left our environment in a state of degradation — eroded soil, polluted water. We have to change the entire paradigm to use natural ecological processes to gather nutrients and build the soil.' "


  • DeeperEating
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    I don't have answers, but enjoyed reading the book "Meat: A benign extravagance" by Simon Fairlie several years ago. Might be another resource to add to the pile for those interested in this topic. I've moved to a largely vegetarian existence but did enjoy reading about the part that animals play in the regenerative ag landscape.

  • ines871
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    Past all distractions, getting to the essence, just ask: who ? started the "What is good for the planet?" .... answer: the U.N.

    And what about the BEEF ? - Simple: Momma suckles her babe, & when ready the youngster then dines on HEALTHY grass... until it's determined moment, to end up on someone's plate.