Adventures in High Performance Gardening 8 - The Invisible Marjory and how to garden and travel

Marjory Wildcraft
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Gosh, I go off on a short trip and leave Lynn to do the show without me... and look what happened! I get stuck with the weeding :(

But I laughed out loud when I 'saw' myself as the Invisible Woman.

Lynn does a good job showing what's sprouting. And Lynn tells you my secret of how I got the carrots to come up so thick and early.



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    Hello @Marjory Wildcraft.

    Thank you for this video. Lynn said that you water only once a day to ensure good germination. We here in Ontario, Canada need to water twice a day during the hot summer, otherwise the seeds will die. I notice you have hay on the garden bed. How thick do you have it?

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    hi @Foodgardenguy

    As the summer wore on, yes sometimes I am watering twice per day. With the carrots when they were just seeds, I kept them covered which helped to keep them moist.

    The layer of 'hay' - it was just dried grass clippings from the lawn mower - it was very thin. Only to help keep moisture in, but not be a challenge for the young carrots trying to come up.

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    @Marjory Wildcraft thanks for clarifying. Ever since burning my plants with grass clippings, I've always been afraid to use them for mulching. I'll try a very thin layer on my next planting.

    Just one more question...what time of day did Lynn water those carrots? the morning, middle of the day or towards the evening?

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    @Foodgardenguy - obviously am not Marjory,

    but I can say (in all the 4 states I have gardened) to Never water in the middle of the day.

    Evening is only okay if the temp. stays good for plant growth. Too remember that at night Mold can do great damage, plus critters like slugs, etc. will come out, to feast... on your food.

    Thus, the Best time to water is in the Mornings... as the sun Rises..., so the plants get a nice cool drink for the day.

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    Hi @rainbow Thanks for sharing. I've found out that watering in the middle of the day mainly has to do with sudden temperature changes (watering cold water on a hot day). That's like us diving into a pool of cold water on a hot day. It creates plant stress. However, our hose is exposed to the sun and the water gets really hot. I make sure to fill buckets first, mixing it with colder water, so that I feed the seedlings with tepid water.

    I was asking Marjory about the time of day because sometimes watering in the morning is not enough to sustain a really hot day. More than likely our soil does not have as enough moisture retaining properties as Marjory's. Now that I know she uses a thin layer of grass clipping, I'll try that, but her time of watering may be a factor. If she waters in the morning only, then it gives me assurance that a thin layer of grass clippings will work. This is definitely new to me.