When you can't wait for a tincture...

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A couple weeks ago I fell.. and I fell hard. It must have been the hardest I've ever hit in my life (which is saying a lot coming from a klutz like me who is no stranger to falling and is known to trip over her own feet).

It was one of those times where time just stood still for a minute after I hit because the pain was so bad. My bum had met a little corner edge on the stairs I was coming down, and within hours I had the worst, perfectly corner-shaped hematoma I've ever seen in person.

Me being me, I just dealt with it for a few days, and iced it a bit in hopes it would get better on it's own. It continued to hurt just as bad as the 1st day, it was still swollen, and after about the 4th day, it was still very bright red and some parts seemed to be turning a worrisome too dark color... I was getting concerned at this point so I looked up to see if I could do anything with what I had on hand or if I should consider going to a Dr.

In my researching for what could help, I found lots of info about how perfect Arnica salves are for healing exactly what I was dealing with and I happened to have about an oz of it tucked away in my herb cabinet. The only problem was that just about every thing I read said to use a salve or tincture.. but I had just the dried herb and needed something right then, I didn't have time to wait for oil infusing or tincturing..

Even though I knew it wouldn't get all the beneficial constituents out of the plant, I went ahead and made a hot water infusion with the Arnica thinking "something's gotta be better than nothing". Let it sit out over night (exactly as I do for nourishing infusions), then strained the herb material, and applied the infusion the next morning.

I didn't immediately feel anything, but I swear, over the next couple days it was like magic.. I applied it twice each day and by the 3rd day the only bit left from that painful, gnarly red/blue/black hematoma was a slight yellow discoloration (well, that and a dent in my bum, haha! That's probably permanent it seems 😂 ).

I just wanted to share my little experience so that others can know that sometimes, with some plants, less than ideal preparations can still be effective. I do however now have a jar of arnica and oil sitting in my cabinet so that I'll be better prepared for next time..

Making medicine before you need it is important, but they have our backs for quick fixes too! 😄


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    That is great to know as I am also a klutz and bump and bruise myself at least weekly! Several months ago I had an accident with a horned goat and ended up with a large horned shaped bruise on my back. That Arnica infusion would have probably helped a lot. As it was I was pretty embarrassed about it and didn't even tell my husband thinking he would blame the goat.

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    That is great to know! I have almost always had a bruise from something or other lol. Unfortunately my daughter's have inherited my *ahem* grace lol.

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    Hindsight and preparation is certainly beneficial. Life seems to provide good opportunities to ensure we find the next most needful thing to attend to.

    I'm glad the infusion worked. Thanks for sharing how well it worked, glad you recovered quickly (:

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    Been there so many times, great you have a herb cabinet. Tea can always be made, though I would suggest a good supply of honey and a good tasting herb like peppermint or what ever you like be kept in hopes of covering unpleasant tastes. And poultices are quick remedies. Also Homeopaths, a few covering a broad range of possible problems might come in handy and they are effective long after the expiration date.

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    Wow, Linzi! Sorry to hear about your fall...glad you're okay! And how cool!!!! Stoked to hear how well this worked for you. And yes, make medicine before you need it! ;)

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    Glad to hear that the infusion helped you. Good reminder for us to be prepared.