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Over the past 12 or more years I've been on an oil journey. Before I became aware of the pitfalls of things that led me to organics I never even considered that there was much more to the various oils other than price. Our family therefore used basic vegetable oil.

Starting from that point I moved from conventional GMO, sprayed veg oils to organic ones. As I learnt of the nutritional benefits of things like organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil I switched. Since then I've incorporated organic coconut oil into our diet.

With various health challenges spurring the changes I discovered that there were also benefits in other oils. As I can't access things like CBD oil in my country I've instead included Hemp seed oil. I tend to drizzle some on my food after it is cooked instead of cream or butter, that way the nutrients of the oil aren't impacted.

I have tried Black Seed Oil, yet I've found it hard to take due to the sharp peppery taste; I find it overpowers the flavours of food, and I personally don't like the taste.

What oils have you tried, or currently use?

Do you use those oils due to their health benefits or for other reasons?


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    MCT oil, I find a couple of tablespoons a day increases my energy level significantly.

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    That's interesting.

    Is it more beneficial to take MCT than using the coconut oil itself?

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    I grew up using Olive Oil after taking a shower (I haven't used lotion too much in my life and try to encourage others to use on their skin) as it helps to nourish your skin. i don't do it much these days and need to get back into doing it.

    I primarily use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I take a tablespoon in the morning after breakfast. I also use Hemp Seed Oil and have used it for salad dressing. When I have it I also take a tablespoon in the morning.

    I also use Organic Cold-Pressed (and hexane free) Coconut Oil, organic and grass fed Ghee (clarified butter), Black Sesame Seed Oil (I take it internally and also use when making an Asian inspired dish).

    I am thinking about this Fall or next making homemade oils from the various Fall nuts that can be used for making oil.

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    Always use cold pressed olive oil, from salad dressing to cooking. MCT coconut oil as a health tonic, also hemp seed oil for same. Since ashwaganda is not that tasty, one thing I tried recently was mix up ashwaganda and psyllium husks with water, just like you're going to make herbal pills. Store paste in a jar and top with a couple tablespoons of honey and MCT coconut oil. Keep in fridge and attack with teaspoon am & pm, tastes pretty good and does you good!

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    I started out pretty much the same way as you. Early before I knew better I used vegetable oil but as soon as I learned/heard about olive oil I made the switch. Initially I switched because I loved olives so I figured oh wow oil from olives how could I not wanna try that. Then I learnt more and found out not all olive oil was created equal and gradually found my way to organic cold pressed olive oil and now i have found MCT oil is amazing and also recently started using some hemp oil. I have been using MCT oil in my EO’s and herbal oil infusions as well and just about 6 months ago started using it for foods.

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    @Obiora E I got some glass jars to start infusing some oils... keep me updated on your progress.

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    NO OIL & again I say: NO OIL! How about that? It makes perfect sense, Dr. Essselstyne is heading the movement, his son Rip and millions by now, Dr. Goldhammer, SOS free, no sugar, salt, OIL, it is super easy to do also. Never buy any oil! Period! Saves money, and saves your health, your heart. Oil destroys the endotheliul paper-thin lining of the arteries (in minutes of ingestion). Restore this lining, and the arteries, within weeks of no oil - you must eat the greens, not just a bit, but so much you r tired of chewing, then use a smoothie (to amp up the water, also-of 1 gallon for most adults). Raw is so fine, fruits, veggies, get your starch, without fail, 70% of your plate. If you have fine weight, add some nuts and avocado, and u can always put hemp seeds or chia in your smoothies, even a 1/4 of a cup. We have had no oil for most of our existence on earth, it is very processed, the extraction spoils the whole food oil and it spoils easily; saute everything in broth or water- we all do, millions, it suits so well and is easy, healthy, we all thrive with this regime (lifestyle, actually).

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    I've really liked using flaxseed oil in the past but it has to be kept refrigerated so I've stopped using it at this point. I would drizzle it on food and use it occasionally for moisturizing. I'm not much of a lotion or moisturizer person so that was only occasionally. It is rich in Omega-3s, is shown to reduce inflammation and blood sugar for those with problems there, and may have some cholesterol lowering effects. I mostly ate it for the Omega-3s when I wasn't eating fish.

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    @angelaclay509 Infusing herbs in oil is pretty easy. You can add dried herbs to a quart Mason jar and then cover with oil (I use organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Cover and put into a brown paper bag and set on a sunny windowsill. Shake vigorously at least 5 times per day and it will be ready in six weeks. I use it in place of a salve as it's easier to apply and can cover a wider area.

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    I use MCT oil in my smoothies, drizzle virgin olive oil from a farm in Israel on everything I can think of (weary of most olive oils from grocery store as most are adulterated with lesser quality oils), and coconut oil or ghee for cooking.

  • VickiP
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    I use MCT in smoothies as well, and Olive Oil for salads. I like Avocado and or Coconut oil to saute in.

  • shllnzl
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    I use high grade extra virgin olive oil for most cooking, but also use avocado oil and coconut oil as well. I try cooking with ghee occasionally, but haven't had much success with it.

    I find that avocado oil brings out the flavor of vegetables and mushrooms; they always seem to taste better with avocado oil.

    I put some MCT oil in my coffee each morning.

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    @shllnzl I used to use olive oil for my cooking too, until I learned about it's low smoke point and that it should not be heated. So now I use avocado oil or coconut oil, which have quite high smoke points, and use EVOO for salad dressings and things that will not be heated.

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    Wow, some great variety there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    I use grapeseed oil for higher heat applications. I use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salads & herbal oils/salves, and Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil for a few things, such as in coffee, banana bread, in pudding.

    I would like to use avocado oil, but the price is just a bit too much for me and I can't wrap my head around it just yet.

    Almond oil is awesome with chicken.

    I like to think that if the oil is great to apply to skin, that it should be an excellent raw oil to use in no or very low heat foods.

    Most of my stovetop use is done with bacon or our own butter in cast iron. I believe that bacon grease/lard is the best seasoning for those.

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    I use olive oil and avocado oil on salads. Avocado for the buttery taste and coconut for sweetness in cooking, sometimes a little sesame oil. Hemp oil and sweet almond for slathering on my skin and also coconut. I make my own soap and lotion with a variety of oils and usually add essential oils as well. Over time I have changed my thinking on what is healthy and what is not, this combination works for me. With most things in life it seems a combination or variety is better than just one.

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    I deep fry in either organic sunflower oil (smoke point 475F) or organic grapeseed oil (smoke point of 485F). It’s hard to find the organic grapeseed oil but the sunflower is really easy to get (I get it from Azure Standard). Both oils have incredible lipid profiles are incredibly healthy. I use organic olive oil for most baking and cooking as well as light sautés and what not, as it is also very healthy. Occasionally I use organic coconut oil, organic walnut oil, and various other organic oils (but they are rare and specialty application/cooking). The Sunflower and olive are my main oils I use on a regular basis.

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    I use avacado oil for cooking, and organic unrefined coconut oil for my skin, and my cats health and fur. I will use grapeseed oil or olive oil if I can find a trusted source but not for high temps on the olive oil. I also love walnut oil.

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    Like a lot of you guys I've learned a lot about oils as well. Once I learned how bad regular canola, vegetable oils were for you I threw them out and bought olive oil. But then I learned that most of the olive oil being sold isn't really olive oil so I started using coconut oil.

    My youngest daughter can somehow taste coconut oil whether I add it to something or fry with it so I have to buy refined. I found Nutiva sells it in huge tubs and it's refined with steam not chemicals.

    For Christmas I did buy a 3 pack of oil olive from Italy from a small family farm. I could definitely tell a difference from what I used to buy. I used it to make pizza and pasta sauce. I'd heard about a magic that tomatoes and real olive oil have when they come together. It is really true and delicious. We have used up the last bottle and there is none in stock to buy from them right now.

    I've also used avocado oil to make homemade mayo. It's really good.

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    @kbmbillups1 I've seen mayo in the grocery store that is made with avacado oil but never tried it. I'll bet it is good made at home with ava oil.

    I make a 'tomato salad' with sliced tomatoes and add grated parmasean, good qual olive oil what ever greens I have on hand and is really good esp with the grated parm...

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    I use coconut oil a lot. I initially used refined because I grew up disliking the dry coconut flakes used in baking. I still dislike those, but grew to love coconut oil, now use virgin coconut oil for stir fries, making mayonnaise, making soap and other cosmetics, oil pulling (teeth), and in place of butter. Other oils I use often are olive oil, grapeseed oil, and sometime sesame oil. I mostly use grapeseed oil for infusing salves, lotions.

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    @silvertipgrizz That sounds good! I'll have to try it!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @kbmbillups1 If you are referring to tomato salad,yes it is easy fast and light and so tasty and fresh tasting with the fresh grated parm and I often chop some fresh cut basil and sprinkle over the pizza but without a lot more work and dough. And esp so when the tomatoes are just picked out of the garden.

  • Torey
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    For anyone wishing to expand their oil knowledge or usage, Susan M. Parker's website has lots of info on a wide variety of oils. Most of the blogs are about using carrier oils for skin care but there are some that do double duty and can be used in cooking for the health benefits. She offers advice on the shelf-life of oils, oil profiles, plant butters, etc. and a free Carrier Oil Guide. And there are courses available.

  • Gail H
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    I bought some hickory nut oil from Samuel Thayer's site. It was very good! He uses the varieties of hickory that most people don't forage because they aren't the tastiest for eating out of hand. He has done quite a bit of research and has determined that hickory oil was used extensively in earlier days.

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    I love tring and tasting different oils. Cooking with avocado or sesame oil is always something new to try