Free Health Docu series

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a link to one particular free webinar health series, one of many good ones, and free ones on the net:

Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series (this one starts sept 3) so plenty of time to sign up if interested/free.

I double tried the link myself but let me know if anyone interested has trouble with it and I will send a diff one. There are a few different doc's that ad these docuseries and I have watched many and many are well worth your time depending on the subj. I research a lot of health related issues, for wellness and disease.

One of my favorites is the one that a couple: Ty and Charlene on cancer that I very highly reccomend. They are free and I also save the confirmation page with the list of practitioners in the particular series, every one I watch because you can also plug in their name followed by you tube and many of them have more information to share. The ones that Ty and Charlene host, on cancer, there have been about 7 different series, more or less, can't remember could be 8 but the point is they are passionate about this as they both lost family members to cancer when they first married. One of the strongest points of their documentaries is that they go to many different countries and we, the viewer get to see what other countries are doing about cancer and the cancer survivors stories are amazing, like the ones we in our country should be experiencing.

There are lots of docuseries on herbs, on healing the gut and so on...something for everyone.

The best to everyone,