Homemade Dishsoap?

Has anyone here tried their hand at making dish soap and found a recipe that they love. I tried a couple of recipes over the last year and haven't been wowed with the product. Please share your recipes or tricks and tips!

I saw the thread about laundry soap and started reading through that. I'm hoping you all have some similar tricks for dishes. I'd love to be able to make it plastic free if possible!


  • emilhill
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    I use my powdered laundry soap for washing dishes (in the sink, not a dishwasher).

    It is 1 cup washing soda to 5 oz. bar soap. Grate the soap, then mix with the washing soda. To make it dissolve better, run it through a food processor to make the soap pieces even smaller. I use 1-2 tsp. per sinkful, or more if there are really greasy dishes. It is best to put about 1/4 cup vinegar in the rinse water to help all the soap come off.

    I, too, have tried a bunch of recipes but nothing really worked well until I started using this.

    For liquid hand soap I just put small pieces of soap in a pump bottle, add water, and shake. Let it sit for a while and if it is too thick, add more water. Too runny, add soap. It is a good way to use up little end pieces of soap. Some people might not like it because the texture is a little slimey--kind of like snot, but I find it works well.

    I hope this helps!

  • nksunshine27
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    i make my own liquid soap that we use for had washing and my husband loves to use it for his shampoo also I've used it for dish soap but it does make the water cloudy haven't figure out how to keep it from doing that. i can get how to make it to you if you'd like