Egg carton use

Anybody out there have some DIY ideas for egg cartons? If you do let me know. This is mine.

I have been using egg cartons to germinate and grow seedlings. Just top cartons with seed raising mix or equivalent, place seeds into mix, cover and keep watered. Once germination occurs and they've grown big enough to plant out, just pull the individual cells apart and plant straight into wherever you desire. The cardboard breaks down, it's cheap and you cut down on plastic usage!


  • merlin44
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    Small craft items-I find egg cartons perfect for storing beads and other small craft items.

  • pamelamackenzie
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    If recycled paper type carton, fill bottom with dryer lint. Then pour wax from old candles you melt down. Once cooled and hardened, you can break apart the "eggs" and have fire starter for next camping trip.

  • tammyrichardsmt9
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    You can put bacon grease in them, freeze them and then remove to a container for the freezer. Easy to use for recipes or frying.

  • kbmbillups1
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    I have saved several that I'm going to try starting seeds in at some point. I used to my Resurrection Eggs for the kids at church every year with egg cartons and Easter Eggs.