Another link I want to post concerns tutorials regarding felting wool projects

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I don't know how to to put it in the right category and then how to get the title above it so it is readily seen for anyone searching particular topics?

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    Here are 2 links for you to look at and please share. The first one is my fav because I like that type/style, and btw they are tutorials for making pincushions out of wool and they are fabulous.

    The second one is a tutorial also on wool pincushions but made differently.

    My fav is the one that Patsy Thompson makes because they are like the ones I bought a long time ago prolly when they first became popular but they are very utilitarian and beautiful.

    Let me know what you think.

    Quick Gift Making: Felted Wool Pinchusion

    and Patsy Thompson is her name. on youtube These are like the ones I bought some time ago and still have and still very functional and pretty.

    And another one I don't think is nearly as pretty but could make nice gifts: