Chick update: It may not be pretty, but it is unique.

The chicks are four weeks old and have out grown the small brooder box we keep them in while they are just little fluff balls, so it is time to introduce them to the bigger box in their new chicken tractor. We just use what we have so this creation is kind of a Frankenstein's Monster. I don't think the chicks will mind. 

They have their own mobile yard or chunnel. 

We are still building the feeders and waterers. Right now they are using regular chick feeders/waterers.

The brooder box is almost too big, I couldn't get it in one shot, but the top is half solid and half wire and it has a door on one side we will open in a day or two so they can run in and out of the box. Eventually we will open the gate to the great outdoors. 

So far all the little ladies are healthy and happy we hope to keep them that way.