No smelly beast, & quite clean, so how often do you bathe?

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Before you assume this as another crazy subject (of mine), read here:

Personally, I still wash my hands often to prevent communicable diseases. And too once weekly shampoo to clean up oily secretions from sweat & sebaceous glands at the base of hair follicles. Too whenever, or 4x a year it's nice to remember what a wonderful Lavender 🙂 soak feels like, for about an hour+. - But the rest of the time, I play in the garden daily, & too many other important activities come calling...

Body odor is caused by bacteria that live on our skin & hair. Well, what if no offensive odor exists. - What if people enjoy being in your company, as they do me "because you smell like a human Naturally should". - Thus by rarely bathing you can save lots of time, & money, & Health. - And living to 100, what will you do with the extra 12,000+ hours ? Yes, two extra years of life.

How to fill the days?


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    @rainbow Interesting topic. I have learned it's best for one's hair not to wash everyday as I did in my younger days. But in the warmer months, especially after a sweaty day of out door chores, I indulge in a bath daily. Besides cleansing, I find it relaxing before retiring. When cold weather sets in, I may skip a day or two as the skin is drier when the wood stove is fired up. Be it habit or custom, it works for me.