Real, raw honey: syrup fed vs. honey fed

About honey...I know a couple who didn't give their bees liquid syrup once the flowers were done in fall & in spring. They let them eat their own honey.

The husband is a diabetic and could have VERY little honey when bees had had any syrup feeding. When he ate the no syrup honey, he could eat what he wanted with no ill effects.

Pretty cool and very telling, I'd say. We suspected that trace/some levels (of syrup) remained in raw honey as it tastes unnaturally sweet at times. If you observe, you can see it affect behavior negatively isn't just a diabetic thing.

This finding by this couple proved our suspicions. 👏


  • kabaras
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    That's VERY interesting! I'm newish to bees. We are taught to feed bees the syrup as a way to help the bees because bees need all the help we can give them! I do try to make available to them as many resources as possible and even then I have had poor success in over wintering the poor bees. We are told that the bees turn the syrup into honey the same as natural sources but I've always wondered. One year I was able to get honey and didn't notice a difference but all the honey I collected was mixed together and I couldn't see a difference in the honey comb....but I'm new. I have left all the honey for the bees the other two years to help them survive and hopefully thrive during our cold winters. This year I'm experimenting with Russian bees with the thought being that they are from our same latitude.....fingers crossed. So, like I said....this is interesting!

  • Jannajo
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    It is such a beauiful thing to be keeping bees, learning all about them, I am glad for u and enjoy all u can show us about these - since the trouble lately I am much more receptive to this species, trying to attract them now. It is the processing, the pasteurizing which hurts us most.

  • If you take all the honey for yourself you have to feed something to the bees. If you share with them you can lower the feeding.

    Bees are not processing syrup into honey! They just store it in the comb and dry it off for capping. I feed syrup to my bees for winter just right now but i do not harvest any honey anymore this year. Next year in spring I will take out all comb with storage as soon as the bloom starts to avoid having syrup from the feeding in my honey. I will use the taken storage comb for feeding my splits.