Herbal infusions

I would like to start making herbal infusions. Does anyone have resources that would teach me how to do this? I really want to take a class on this but I don’t have the funds for it right now. So I’m trying to be resourceful 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    @angelaclay509 TGN offers two classes: Home Medicine 101 and Making Herbal Medicine that may be available to you at no charge? Anyway, I think you should take at least the first class as it gives you a general overview of herbal medicines. You have made infusions before if you have ever brewed any tea. There are some considerations if you are drinking the infusion for pleasure or medicine. I recommend that you take the class -- I took both and recommend them.

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    @StacyLou I am glad that you mentioned Learning Herbs because I am a member and have not really used it. SO now you have given me more reasons to pop on their and check out all this information. Thanks for responding.

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    @angelaclay509 all the above resources are fantastic and have a lot of free content! A quick one I do:

    64 Oz Mason jar and 2 Oz total herb

    0.6 Oz each Oatstraw, stinging nettle (very nourishing herbs vitamins/minerals), red raspberry leaf (reproductive health tonic herb)

    0.1 Oz each of astragalus (immune system) and licorice root (digestive system) (helps tone down bitterness of the raspberry leaf)

    Place herbs in the jar, boil water and wait or boil to calm, pour over herbs, cover with lid barely, wrap in a towel to maintain warmth. Leave 8 hours, strain and refrigerate or drink warm.

    You can cut this in half, I make this for 2-3 people per day. 8-16 Oz is good per person and should be consumed within 48 hours for freshness. If you want more sweetness you can up the licorice (which does not taste like licorice) or add honey etc. This infusion makes me feel great!

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    @lmrebert thank you for taking the time to weigh in on my comment and the best part you gave something that I can try... thank you so much for the information. I make soap and other bath and beauty products I really want to start infusing hops and other goodies into my oils to make my product as nourishing as possible.

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    @LIliAlmanla thank you for the resource think it is time for me to start digging into some of the courses here in growth network. I have been trying to get past the summer Farmers Market season and study in my down time... "winter". I appreciate the tips.

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    I have an old knee injury from a car wreck when I was a teen. I slipped on some wet pavement last week and twisted it. When I got home I remembered I had some Comfrey infused oil in the fridge so I pulled that out and used the information from TGN Making Herbal Medicines course to make a lotion. I made a calendula and dried comfrey cold infusion to add to the salve that I made with the oil. I have been applying that to my knee and it has been just wonderful. I had never tried a cold infusion before, so glad I found out about it.

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    This is my favorite go to book for remedies...https://www.amazon.com/Herbal-Medicine-Makers-Handbook-Home-Manual/dp/0895949903

    great, interesting read. With recipes and wit. I’m looking forward to. The TNG clashes too! :)

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    Great suggestions...let me add there are different herbal infusions. Water infusion (tea) is the most common. There is also alcohol infusions (tincture), oil, honey (electuary), many different menstrum. It is worth taking a class when you can afford it. Let me suggest Green Wisdom online, you can access on FB. She does weekly herbal classes, various topics w/a sliding scale payment option. Have a great time with all your new discoveries

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    I know most of these posts are old but I can’t say enough about the courses available here in the grow academy. Amazing and easy to understand and follow.