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Are Ants your problem? — The Grow Network Community
In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

- Margaret Atwood

Are Ants your problem?

Well learn this trick camping. When collect ash and put it on their path. They can not stand it sticking to their feet!! The Ash powder stick to their feet and the get lost. And if you have ant mounds in the garden or yards I use grits or rice if they are big fire ants but put one or the other . Important now the key is leave a side open to were the ants can leave on - I aim for the guy next door. But the Ants will take the rice or grit to the Queen and when she it - boom she blow up as it swells . Then they move from that mound. You get a nice smooth lawn and once they are gone put down at you fence lines to. Oh! and if you have too many snake like the neighbor that has his burn pile that never get burned till I put moth balls on my fence-line.



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