Have you ever spontaneously broken out in hives? I did. Last night...and I have no idea why!



  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    The first thing to do is to think about & write down what you were exposed to prior to the breakout. Food, touched plants, any chemicals, change of scented (whatever), etc .

    Good luck!

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
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    Nothing out of the ordinary..that's what's got me confused!

  • Hi Ruth,

    sorry to hear this. My daughter had this last summer. We also thoguht well nothing out of the ordinary but it turned out that the company manufacturing the sun screen had changed one ingredient in th emixture and my daughter reacted to this change. Another time it was a cloth wash (same manufature than befor but another scent).

    My father is allergic to chicken egg but to find out he had to go through a strict diet. Only peas at first and than add more and more food every second day. We finally came to chicken eggs as the root cause of his really big and painful hives all over his body. No problem with goose eggs so.

    So it may not be ovious on first sight but go through the days as Laurie suggested.

    Get well soon.

  • shllnzl
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    I know if you take the herb Lomatium you can get a detox rash. Perhaps other herbs can do the same.

    Hopefully you are not sick at the same time. I had what I believe was Valley Fever one time where I broke out in huge purple splotches. (The doctor I saw had no idea what was wrong. I came across info later that informed me.)

  • DeeperEating
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    This has happened to me once and only once. It never happened again. And, like you, there was nothing odd or weird to have obviously caused it. The prevailing wisdom with the health professionals I consulted is that it was probably a combination of stress, seasonal allergies, and my immune system just misfired somewhere. Apparently this can happen? Sometime it leads to additional allergies and sometimes it doesn't!