Fire Plan

In a large majority of my state, New South Wales (Australia)we are experiencing unprecedented drought. Coming into our warmer seasons, already this time of year we have had a scary start to the bushfire season. Before the pressure is upon you, do you have a plan? You need to be very honest about how you would feel fighting and coping with protecting your property. Clear cut thoughts of exactly what you need to do and what you need to wear. In the lead up, do some "housekeeping". Make sure roofs of buildings are clear of leaves, debris etc. If you can water/irrigate around the perimeter of your vital area. Sort out hoses, pumps, fittings etc, well in advance of the threat. How about your animals, got plans for them? Good luck and good management to all those who could be affected, wherever you are. Remember, if in doubt, get out, before it's too late.