Soil erosion and Climate Change


I'm not a Climate Change person in the least, but I did find this TED Talk very, very interesting and informative. This gentleman talks about losing large swaths of land mass to desert-like conditions throughout the world. His solution is one that I think can benefit the world and some within the Grow Network's community; i.e. those living in dry, arid lands.

Check it out and tell me what you think!


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    Hi @dianne.misspooz I love TED talks too. - But when you say "Benefit some within TGN community living in desert lands", at issue/problem is acreage/SCALE: In order to "MOVE the grazing herd around, (to yet other land/plots not owned by any family), how are they going to do that ?? --- Would have been better had he incorporated the question asked at the end, with what exactly in step-by-step Detail any small family can do to Naturalize/Reclaim land, from a current desert. - He's talking 100 to 1000's of miles of land, which an individual family obviously does not have.

    Say a family owns up to one acre of desert. How would you propose any one family could do what he says ?

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    Hi Rainbow,

    Thanks for your insight! Not having a large property myself, I have no knowledge about the magnitude of land or herd this man was talking about and how it could be applied as he was suggesting. I was thinking if someone had cattle, goats or sheep and some arid acreage/property, they could do what he suggests but in a micro sort of way. And yes, he could have offered a link somewhere on how to do it...

    I just found it very interesting and thought someone might find this useful and interesting enough to research it further and can perhaps apply it to there arid property.

    Just throwing it out there!


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    Alan Savoury the founder of Holistic Management is a god send. So to Peter Andrews founder of Natural Sequence Farming. They have many books for people to try and understand and hold workshops on their groundbreaking ideas.Whilst their ideology is different, the same results occur. Not all of us have big acres of land to copy this principle but think outside the box. Use a mowing implement or whipper snipper to mimic the big herd, then use natural, organic matter to topdress the area. The ultimate thinking here is top keep ground cover on top (wether it be plants, mulch, compost etc and moisture underneath. This applies to all areas, backyard gardens or grazing properties. If you have larger acerage, try to implement rotational grazing. Put all your animals in one paddock and then rotate paddocks. The paddock just grazed, gets eaten off and fertilized and then has time to recover until next time it's grazed. Ultimately this gifts the farmer, increased production, less weeds, no need to use synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. The animals are healthier, so that means we are.

    If everyone does their little bit, it adds up to a lot and that can only be a good thing. Organic, natural, good for the earth, good for us. Win, win. How do others manage their little piece of paradise?

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    Hi @jodienancarrow - You summed this up well with "The ultimate thinking here is top keep ground cover on top (be it plants, mulch, compost etc + moisture underneath. This applies to all areas, backyard gardens or grazing properties."

    Earth, by Intelligent design, does not want to stay bald. - Just as soon as even one plant is removed, it (if not replaced with other Intentional vegetation), will be Naturally replaced by yet others. -

    Yet vegetation replacement/renewal does not happen in large cities with 1000's of acres of cement jungle, no matter how many here & there trees are stuck in, or streets decorated with hanging planters. - IF those in the "planet sustainability" agenda were truthfully interest in what they claim, they would leave people in peace, & instead get rid of earth's unyielding 'artificial skin'/cement... - They would Allow the earth to do what it, by Intelligent design, knows how to do well.... stay dressed !

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    Hi @dianne.misspooz - Thanks for 'throwing it out there'. Too many need major paradigm shifts, in many areas of life; - and you might make more Aware not just of the problem, but - as @jodienancarrow well summarized, the gyst of the solution. - People who push the envelope in a Good & Healthy way, of what more is possible... are to be celebrated. 🤗