Feverfew and horehound

My plants did not start growing until late in the season. All I have is leaves - pretty tiny on the feverfew. Am I able to dry the leaves I have and use them for tea, or is it better when they have flowers? This is the first year I have planted them. We have 30 degrees temps coming the end of the week so I am racing to get everything I can harvested...


  • merlin44
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    Feverfew and Horehound are most effective when harvested just as they come into full bloom. I would let them be for the winter and look forward to a bountiful return next growing season.

  • tammyrichardsmt9
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    Thank you!!

  • skullaria
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    I have used horehound leaves straight off my plants at just any time of year when we needed them. They grow back year after year, spreading and growing each year.

    We have found the leaves always to be helpful for coughs and congestion- that's been our primary use. Here in Georgia, ours have leaves most months of the year.

    It's bitter but works quickly.

  • lmrebert
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    I would make sure you are not taking anymore than a 1/3 of the plant and let it be... next season you will see the pretty flowers popping up again!

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