My single cup of coffee method

I wasn't sure what category to put this under. Really wanted to put this under "Natural and Home Medicine", but decided not to be that ornery.

I wanted to share my technique for brewing a single cup of coffee. I am not fond of the keurig system, both because of the waste and the flavor. Also it gets expensive fast. Pour-over equipment is not a big investment, but I have not been impressed by the pour-overs I've had in coffee shops. I'm more of a french press kind of girl. (Or even drip pot- guess I'm not that sophisticated.)

So, without further ado, here is how I make a single cup of coffee. You will need the following. 1.tea cup or smallish mug 2. paper coffee filter 3. 1 tbs. ground coffee- drip grind is fine 4. optional dash of sea salt 5. water, just below a boil 6. large tea strainer (see green handled thing in picture).

this is similar

Mine actually came from Japan- so if you happen to be over there, you can get one of your very own for 100 yen.

Procedure put tea strainer in cup. Put coffee filter in tea strainer. Put coffee grounds in filter. Put salt on top of grounds.(Then put a fox in socks in a box). Slowly pour water over grounds. I usually hold the strainer a little above the cup to let it drip for a minute, but I don't know that it makes a difference. Let the strainer sit in the cup and steep for a minute or two. Remove, squeeze the filter to get the remaining coffee out, and enjoy.

Hope this make sense. Nothing brilliant here, but I was happy to find a method that works for me.