What chicken breeds do you have? Why?

Full disclosure...I am going to brag. I love my birds...and I am getting an exciting breed to add to my collection. I will specify who is new. I LOVE heritage breeds.

I have:

French Black Copper, Blue Copper, Blue Wheaten, & Wheaten Marans (the French standard has feathered legs). I love the dark eggs, the size, and their temperament. Rate of lay is moderate, but that is necessary for the darkest eggs. I have never eaten these, but the French claim that they are tender. This year we will see.

Jersey Giants (US breed), both black & blue & by default, Splash. I love their majestic size, gentleness and ability to keep the peace in a cannibalistic environment of hatchery layers. These lay well. They eat lots when growing, but once mature, they appear to survive on less than the others. We will eat some of these this year as well. I can't free range my birds, but they are good foragers. They jump over things well & are very fast. Care has to be taken to grow stronger ones first to hold all the weight & not cause injury.

Silkies! They are my dedicated natural incubators. Soft & fluffy, these are determined little balls of fluff. They lay many small eggs. I have partridge & white colored.

New! I pick up a Bielefelder (newer German breed) pair tonight. They aren't my favorite look as I don't like barred chickens...but...I had this info confirmed by the seller...gentle, & excellent summer & winter layers. The meat is supposedly very good. Anything I read about them, he confirmed. I am excited to try them.

I have a wish list too, but this is my bunch for now. What are your favorites? Do you have a wishlist too?