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How to explain what I do... what many of us do... — The Grow Network Community

How to explain what I do... what many of us do...

judsoncarroll4judsoncarroll4 Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
edited September 26 in Around the Homestead

I'm struggling to answer a question from my girlfriend and would appreciate any advice. She wants to know how to answer her friends and family when they ask what I do. Basically, I grow things, have a PDC, cook, publish magazines, play music, herbalist, etc, etc.... She wants a simple job title that she can explain. I said, "Permaculture Farmer". She asked, "How do I explain Permaculture to people who have never heard about it?" Well, that is a can of worms, isn't it.... a bin even? So, I started one of the standard answers about it being an integrative, regenerative design science. But she said there was no way she was going to get into all that, which is understandable... I have the same trouble. There must be something I can put on a business card or a bumper sticker... something brief and readily understandable. I usually just introduce myself as a farmer.. and sometimes I'll say "over-educated farmer"... or homesteader (seems most folks don't understand that, though.... they envision an off grid survivalist with extreme politics... which would be fine if I was... but I'm not)… I usually just say, "well... I do a lot of things." But understandably, she wants an accurate, simple term that needs no explanation. I told her to say that I am "saving the world one square foot at a time"... but that didn't work... 😋 Really, it is the multi-disciplinary aspect of Permaculture she is having trouble explaining. She is in college where everyone is studying psychology to be a psychologist, education to be a teacher, law to be a lawyer, etc.


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