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    @bubknzklee  Well said. Sometimes putting a name on a dis-ease or dis-order may even be detrimental in its treatment. Sometimes the name can initiate negative thought patterns which alone can create a situation where healing becomes more difficult. But, like you said, if herbal or other treatments aren't working then lab tests might give a few more clues as to what is going on inside the body. The reverse is also true. If "modern medicine" isn't working then seek other treatments. I know of a young man who was quite ill and no treatments, drugs, etc. were working. The doctors didn't know what was wrong. He was finally taken to see a shaman in his First Nations community, who gave him a selection of herbs with instructions on how to use them. He improved back to a state of health within a few weeks. When his family asked the shaman what had been wrong with him and how he was treated, the shaman simply said "I treated him for grief". As it turns out a close family member had passed a few months before he started to get sick. This had come out in the interview with the shaman.

    Herbalist training is an ongoing study through one's life. Thousands of years have gone into the developing of what exists today as Herbal Medicine, TCM and Ayruveda. Records of observations of plants, alone or in differing combinations, and their reactions on individuals goes back over 5000 years. It would be impossible to learn all of that in a herbal program; even one o f the extended 4-6 year programs. My own herbal path has been ongoing for over 60 years and I continue to learn everyday.

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    Thank you. I had no idea you could degrees in some of these things.

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    Please, share!

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    @Melinda There are a wide number of modalities that offer certificates, diplomas and degrees. If you like I could send you a list.

  • This thread is filled with information. Thank you.

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    @bejer19 i'm currently doing homegrown herbalist so you have something to compare to. let me know what you think. i'm also doing marjory"s classes through the grow network.