The Case for Natural Skincare

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So I was at my rare trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi (brought my own non toxic polishes) before going on an annual girls trip up north and the young Asian girl kept looking at me and smiling and talking to her coworker and they were Both smiling and talking to each other and looking back-and-forth at me. Much to my surprise they told me in their broken English how beautiful my skin is. I had just taken a shower and used all my natural skin care that I make myself at home and had no make up on. I’m 53 years old and I certainly wasn’t expecting a beautiful freshfaced girl to look at me and complement MY skin. So I proceeded to tell her that she should be careful about what she puts on her face on her skin because there are a lot of bad stuff in it and that she can make her own stuff that is healthy for her from Oils and flowers. She seem so surprised. I love being able to educate people about different things that they can do so they can better their health. I can’t wait till I can do more!!! Feeling pretty great today 💕. Anyone one else with a great feel good story!!


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    I tried to enlighten 2 gentlemen from the local power company who were spraying herbicide along the power line (without permission on my property) of the dangers. Think the .22 and the pitbull (I live on a very isolated mountain, anything that alarms the dogs and guineas are greeted like that) at my side may have impressed them more than my words as I escorted them to the property line but I tried.

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    @merlin44 LOL that's a great story!!!😂😂😂 we live very different lives! I live in suburbs of southern California!

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    @Imrebert Inquiring minds want to know...what exactly is in your your skincare?

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    So for cleansing I use either straight jojoba (bit expensive but best) or coconut oil organic unrefined (more drying but great as well) that’s it

    for toning I infuse heirloom rose petals and lavender flower for several weeks in witch hazel strain and add a few drops of argon, jojoba oils with a few drops frankincense, clary sage and geranium essential oils and spray after cleansing

    for moisture (if needed I’m very dry) I use evening primrose oil with essential oils... I’m not home right now but will update with the oils when I get back!!

    I find simple is best... isn’t that true for most things! Lol

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    @Imrebert Thank you!

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    Raise chickens, get eggs. Use egg yokes for Biotin aka Vit-B7 for great skin and hair. :) Some call Vit-B7 the fountain of youth vitamin. I just like chicken eggs. LOL The whites have avidin. Avoid this or ensure the whites are totally cooked. avidin prevents the body from getting B7.