Nasal polyps

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Now that there is a greater number of knowledgeable folks here, I want this subject to have its own space.

There are many remedies online, like anything else, but rather than experimenting and finding failure (as so many other sufferers have done), I want to know what will finish these off for good. I want sleep and so does my suffering husband. These intruders make life miserable!

I think my husband is willing to try almost anything now and I am in full support...except neither figures that surgery is the way to go as it is not foolproof.

I read that horseradish will get rid of them, not just pacify them. My husband was wondering if fire cider might be enough? I think it will help, but if something says horseradish, not FC, I would thinking that the full dose of horseradish should be done...and that might amount to an awful lot of FC.

Any advice on horseradish vs. FC vs. any other sure fire remedy? We don't want a bandaid...


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    The only thing I can tell you about polyps at this point is:

    1. I had them years ago when I was using afrin spray for allergies
    2. One of the side effects of afrin back then was...... wait for it.......POLYPS I just looked up afrin to see if that side effect was still listed and found new ones I never knew about. I presume you have already done your homework, and I am sorry that this is all I know about this subj, but you could try:

    Merck manual where you can find an almost endless list of topics for help. Both consumer and professional level.

    I wish you the best as I know they are miserable.

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    @silvertipgrizz They do say that allergies & polyps can go together. The cause of his nasal polyps is still a mystery to us at this point, but we keep researching and observing and looking for answers.


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    I want to bump this up in case someone has any new information. The nasal polyps are now causing sleep apnea. It is getting very hard to get any sleep & I am concerned about him quitting breathing all together at some point.

    I have read and read. There is lots that can be done to ease, supposedly...but this is the internet.

    I found that there is a decoction that was used in conjunction with accupuncture in a study (PubMed) that cured polyps, but of course, that is all they give in the summary. 😑 I emailed the author of the study, but I doubt that I will hear back.

    I also found information on American Dragon. I am just unsure how to follow up effectively on anything that I have found.

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    Inhaling the steam from Goldenseal tea I've read can be a solution. Can't remember where I read it so can't offer a reference but Goldenseal is anti-inflammatory (and much more) and specific for mucous membranes-might be worth a try.

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    @merlin44 Goldenseal is certainly on my list. I know that I can't get it locally, so I will have to order some.