Guardian Essential Oil Blend, recipe, (My Version)

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Essential Oil Blend

40 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil

40 Drops Clove Bud Essential Oil

40 Drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

5 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

3 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil

 I try to always use organic when possible. 

I have used Sweet Orange and Bergamot instead of the wild Orange and love it.

(This is anti viral, anti fungal, and anti bacterial)

Can be used in:

   diffuser 5 Drops

   Wound Oil (must be diluted in a carrier oil, up to 15 Drops per ounce in a carrier oil)


  • Leslie Carl
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    Thanks! This sounds like a great combination of oils. Just in time for cold season too. I like using them in my diffuser and making my living space virus free! Did you know that Wild Orange essential oil is fantastic for relaxing the nerves and anxiety attacks? 😊

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    I love Bergamot Essential oil and it too relaxes the nerves and helps you recover from stress. I'm glad that the orange can be replaced with Bergamot. Look forward to trying this recipe as flue season is approaching. As a teacher, I always am looking for that extra something that can give me an immunity boost.

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    Hi @one.ette - am fairly clueless re essential Oils; but also ignorant still about most Herbs,

    so RE "(This is anti fungal )", would this concoction Restore a single toe-nail that for 1/2 century has been totally deformed by a fungus? i got as a teen in Fla. - & if not, do you have any successful suggestions?

    RE anti-viral, & ant-bacterial : please state some specific critters that your remedy stops. Thanks.

    Btw, after run-away Anxiety over situations I have zero control over, I usually get a 'cold' or the flu about every 9 years or so, otherwise fare well, considering below. -- But never accepted the sick practice of 'having a PCP', let alone go 'see' 1, & thus steer clear of any/all pharma crap.

    So except for suffering from 2 major acts of intentional med/surg. Malpractices, the internal consequence of which I have been healing, the other screw-up needs to be surgically corrected, before more safely can get back to my beloved passion as an Icesk8er. My figureskates & I miss the ice soooo very much.

    Thanks for your suggestions. Enjoy a wonderful week 🙂

  • greyfurball
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    @one.ette you mention the name but you don't mention what it is commonly used for.

    I'm very new to essential oils and I rarely use them since I don't know how, why, when, where etc. My usual method of getting well is give it time. The body eventually heals itself anyway.

    But occasionally I don't mind helping it along if I new what I was doing was going to be a help, not a hindrance or a waste of time.

    So I get the impression it is for an immunity response from the other comments. Correct?

  • Torey
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    @rainbow Have you tried a wormwood tincture for your toe nail fungus? You need to use it every day for an extended period of time but I have seen it correct damage done to a nail by fungus. Very easy to make. Soak wormwood (Artemisia absinthium or A. campestris) in enough 70% Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) for 4-6 weeks, strain and bottle in dark glass. Just a couple of drops on the affected nails 2-3 times daily until cleared up.

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    @torey I’m definitely going to give this a try; never used wormwood before.

  • one.ette
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    @Leslie Carl you're welcome 😊 I didn't know that about wild orange. Thanks!

    @rainbow for toenail fungus:

    3 Drops oregano oil

    2 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Place directly on toenail 4 times daily.

    The herbs, (except for orange, they used lemon), that this Guardian blend are made from are the herbs that are said to have kept the thieves alive who stole valuables from the dead bodies of the black plague victims. The story goes that when they were caught they were given leniency in exchange for telling the authorities how they stayed alive having been so exposed to the black plague.

    @greyfurball yes😊 correct. I don't recommend putting this on the body. Diffusing this blend is awesome though!

  • pseabolt
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    @rainbow I used Vick’s vapor rub and cured my toenail fungus. I rubbed it all over the toenail and cuticle twice a day every day, once when I put my shoes on in the morning and once when I took my shoes off when I got home (I’m a barefoot kind of gal). You will notice the nail growing out is clear. Keep doing it twice a day until the nail is completely grown out clear and you have trimmed the last of the funky nail off. Cheap and easy.

  • Leslie Carl
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    @rainbow & @pseabolt there is another solution for toenail fungus. Believe it or not, it's cornmeal! Mix 2 parts cornmeal and 1 part petroleum jelly or honey so the cornmeal will stick to the nail. Leave it there for at least 20 minutes before cleaning it off or you could wrap a bandage around it and leave it on overnight if you want. Keep using it each day until the infected nail is grown out. They say it can take 60-90 days to clear up completely.

    When my husband used it, he put it on for the 20 minutes each day for about a week (that's all he had patience for LOL). At that point, he could see a new clean nail starting to come in, so he stopped using the cornmeal and about 40 days later the nail had grown out and it was all healed.

    @one.ette you're welcome. My daughter had anxiety attacks and so I gave her a bottle of Wild Orange essential oil and told her to just open the bottle, hold it under her nose and inhale deeply a few times until she felt relief. She ended up needing it the next day and said it stopped the attack immediately! Thank goodness for essential oils!