Curing and storing sweet potatoes

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I always plant sweet potatoes as ground cover b/c the vines and leaves are so beautiful and easily cover the flower beds in my front yard this time of year. I never dig them up. This year I planted some in my vegetable garden beds and the vines grew like crazy! I dug them up in one of my bed today so I can start getting them ready for my winter garden. I'm hoping to find a lot more in my larger bed later this week.

I read online that I can leave them sitting on a window sill in 85 degree room temp with 85% humidity. I live in Georgia and it's been horribly hot and humid here. So, that kind of heat and humidity won't be an issue. It has finally cooled down a bit but I'm afraid that's just a teaser. That being said I don't have a basement or anywhere else that's 55-60 degrees to store them.

I'm wondering how you guys cure and store yours?

😁A good laugh! As I was digging them up today I found something hard and almost the same color as the sweet potatoes. What was it? 🤣🤣 My long lost veggie peeler! I have no idea how it got planted in my garden! I thought it had gotten accidently thrown away. What a surprise! Neither of my kids are owning up to it!


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    In NC, standard practice for curing (if you don't have a barn) is to use a hot garage or shed..... which becomes a cold garage or shed in the winter. I usually just put them in a cabinet under the counter to store them. Just make sure they stay dry.

    PS. I went to UGA. Billups is an old name around Athens. I knew one guy whose full name was literally 3 old last names... I think Billups was his first name...

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    @judsoncarroll4 Thanks! It's so hot down here I forgot about the garage. Hopefully it will be cold enough in there soon.

    Yes, Billups Road is in Athens. My father in law is a retired inspector for the fire department in Athens & a UGA policeman before that. Go Dawgs!!

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    @kbmbillups1 My heart will always be in Athens... but this old hillbilly can't stand the heat anymore!

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