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I have A LoT of garlic chives, i finally looked on line about medicinal properties of these plant and am interested but there is one catch it says use them fresh and little or no heat. I'm wondering if i made a tincture out of them if i would be able to capture the befits? has anyone done this before? i went to i dont know how to copy down the info that is on this site to transfer it to here. some help would be greatful


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    @nksunshine27 i don’t know about tincturing them but you can tincture garlic, so maybe? I’ve read about using it with vinegar. Put them in jar mashed up and pour vinegar over it. Leave in cool dark Place for 2 weeks, strain and use for dressings etc. I believe you can use the flowers and all. I have not tried this but have read about it. I have a few plants but have only enjoyed their prettiness. Can’t wait to see other feedback!

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    @lmrebert it appears no else is interested in garlic chives LOL

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    @nksunshine27 I didn't see this post before.

    You could make a vinegar with them. Then use it in salad dressings. Food medicine is wonderful. I've never done it with garlic chives but have made regular chive vinegar.

    This is a link to an article in the Journal of Medicinal Plant Studies:

    It lists all the medicinal properties and uses, including promotion of hair growth. So I'm thinking it would make a nice vinegar with horsetail which is also beneficial for hair.

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    I think garlic chives are the same as what they call nira in Japanese. I've used them in stir fries and also chopped up really fine with pork to make won ton. They tasted really good. I know that isn't a way to preserve them medicinally, but it's a really yummy way to eat them. Have you made won ton or dumplings before? They're really easy and you can fry them or add them to broth. My kids love them no matter what I put inside.

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    Extra chives can be dehydrated too.

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    I started 5 years ago with a couple of plants and now the last two years I give them away, mine have spread so much. My husband took 45 bunches to work with him last year and thankfully he did not bring them back home. Everyone gladly took some.

    But along with the chive blossom vinegar I also like to freeze them in small packs each summer. They taste best when harvested young, wash them and wrap them in a kitchen towel to dry as best as possible. Snip them into small pieces on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and freeze them till hard. Then remove them from the freezer and quickly bag them (you don't want them to thaw out).

    Doing it this way I have "onions" I can add to all my cooking all year long. It gives a great boost of flavor to everything but remember it doesn't work using them raw. As with most all vegetables, when thawed they get very soft and mushy.

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    @nksunshine27 and @greyfurball what about having a plant sale? I mean, this offers opportunity when people come and have questions, you can inform them about the plants, and perhaps share recipes.

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    @teachercaryn yes I've often thought about trying that but I don't live anywhere which is suitable to have a plant sale in my yard. And we just don't have a suitable place to set up a mini "garden sale" type of stand for a plant sale which would generate traffic.

    Since I put in a greenhouse, I am trying to grow extra transplants this year so hopefully I can get enough and then I will see if I can find some store or someone who will let me set up a display at their location.

    Time will tell if this is going to work out alright.

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    I cant even seem to give them away! LOL they took over the front flower bed and i never planted them there so when my hubby has had enough he gets to weedeat them lol