Growing food

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Very interesting information certainly worth the read.


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    It is an interesting read and good it's organic. But...a plant "antifreeze" is but another way for humans to step away from the natural rhythms of the Earth. My feeling is we'd be better off paying attention to Nature and working within her parameters.

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    Hi @silvertipgrizz

    Unless "info" is of the kind that firstly does Not disturb 'mother nature's wisdom(s)', was it worth anything ?

    And re 'plant Antifreeze' - have you've heard that "Just because something, (or anything for that matter) can be done, does not mean it is good, or better, let alone wise".

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    Thank you for sharing. But if and when a late (or early frost) occurs and I need to protect my plants I just put an old sheet on top of them. And I have read with regards to fruit that they can be sprayed with water and the water will freeze adding a "protective layer" for them.

    I am not a big fan of using "technology" when it comes to what growing food, much less, something that appears to have been created in a laboratory.

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    Good comments from you all.

    My stumbling on this article came from a profound need, and a quick one with a first frost find a way to keep my plants alive long enough to produce one batch of.. squash, cukes.. as I got some of them out late and they were coming along so beautifully... knowing full well that it could happen...

    But some time ago I had realized that even though we as humans experience the 'real feel temp' vs the real temp... The real feel was going to be colder than the real temp so if I knew the plants would not be affected by the 'real feel', then I would not have to be outside covering a bunch of stuff up lol....

    the info in the link I sent that started this conversation, was one web sites way of explaining why plants are not affected by 'real feel'. Though not all of them have this chemical. Knowledge is good if it helps you on your journey by providing a win win for all affected. In this case, the plants and me lol.

    In Muskogee at the yearly azalea festival, everytime spring is close, it seems the azaleas are under the treat of a freeze and I never knew why they watered them down good, then in the eve also added heaters throughout the are where the flowers were. A bit of the articles I looked at while researching this topic helped to explain that. All my floating row covers are old and all I have now is plastic which I hate putting on my plants.

    You guys are a really fun group and I am glad to be a part of that!

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    @silvertipgrizz Thank you for sharing the additional information and now I do understand why you shared the article.