Curious-This Plant Has Me Wondering....

merlin44 Posts: 426 ✭✭✭✭

Perilla frutescens-common name beefsteak mint. I noticed it's arrival years ago with a hay bale brought in from a neighboring county. Popped up here and there, last year some growing in my buck's yard and around my doe's yard, grew to be about a foot high. Shallow rooted, unpleasant odor, the goats ignored it. It grew this year, behind the nursery yard to a height of 5-6 feet, I noticed the kids, then the does eating it. Still ignoring the smaller plants but eating the larger ones, I did further research specifically in regard to goats. Beefsteak mint contains an enzyme that destroys a goat's lungs, death is likely within 24 hours. But my goats are alive and well, ABSOLUTELY no ill effects. Needless to say, I eradicated all the plant regardless of size from my goats reach and will be making sure it no longer thrives on this mountain top. But I can't help but wonder why my goats, especially the kids were not harmed. Could the enzyme that harms be eliminated with growth? Anyone have any idea why my sweet goats were not affected? (Thanking the Creator they weren't).