how do I get things done when there are visitors?

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How do you all manage to get things done around the homestead when you have visitors? I have a very small urban farm, work a full time job, and commute 90 min. One way to work; so my schedule is pretty full. I already felt like I was running behind as we are just coming it o our cool/prime growing season, when my daughter announced she would be coming home for 2 weekends in a row this month. I was excited as mom to see her as she lives 5 hours away at college. Then my brother announced he & my nephew were coming to stay from the first Saturday my daughter was going to be home until Thursday (today). Daughter told me she would be back Thursday night and stay until Sunday. I am doing to best I can to get my chores done during their visits, while still enjoying time with family. I tried to show my 8 year of nephew around but he has never experienced anything like my little place before. Needles to say, I am even further behind than I was before. How do I keep up or catch up?


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    Any chance family members would be willing to keep you company and talk with you while you're doing chores? Your daughter should already understand.

    After all, the chore time will seem shorter if you are in the middle of interesting/bonding conversations. They could get extra fresh air that way too.

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    When I have company, I simply say its time to get the goats their hay or I have to get this wall painted or this bed weeded, come on with me and we can talk while.......and very often they join in and help.

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    It seems to me you should not have to beg your children to come help you. If they grew up around the property they should already know the routine.

    So yes, I'd tell them what's on today's schedule and in passing just say " hey, can you give me some help today? Here's what needs done so pick which jobs you'd like to do or do you want me to pick something for you?"

    Just because they are away from home (for whatever reason) that doesn't not make them no longer a part of the family.

    It can get a little trickier when the company is not family members but again it is all in how you word your request. Even strangers can do some stuff. You just have to be a little more selective about what you ask them to do because training time is just a lot of your time down the drain also.

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    @greyfurball I think that is the issue I was facing. I have no worries about my daughter, I work around her or she helps. My brother and nephew was a whole different story. It took more time to show my nephew how to do something then stand there to make sure he was actually doing it than it would have been to just leave him in the house and do it myself. I know he wanted to be involved, and children work slower. My brother just stayed inside, but then kept calling me back to the house or porch to show me something or tell me story again and again.

    my brother has MS with a very different attitude than most of us on here. He says he cannot even carry groceries in the house. I may have been better off if it were strangers because I wouldn’t have felt so bad about saying what I needed to do then walking away to do it, or even inviting them to talk while I work. Not very often anyone other than our kids come to visit, but I want to be prepared for next time.

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    Post a list of everything you need to get done this week.

    Ask them if they want to help with something on the list.

    Show one time, tell them if you have any questions I'll be..... and walk away. (hardest thing you'll ever do) I know we all have ways of doing things and want them that way, but if someone wants to help let them, I know this is very hard. And it took me a long time to do this. But even putting hay into the barn, they do it diffently, but it was help and I had to learn to think that way.

    Your brother needs to go outside with you. Yes he has MS but it will do him good to go outside and sit near where your working and talk to you. Tell him that. I want to be with you but I HAVE to go do this. "Will you please come outside with me and sit in the chair by where I'm working so we can spent time together?" If he wont, talk to him, tell him you can't come in it you get this done. When I do we can spend time together. Hopefully that will make hime understand.