Marjory Wildcraft's Coast to Coast Interview

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Happened to catch a bit when I was up to check the woodstove at 1am. Luckily, the radio station repeats Coast to Coast at 4am so I am listening as I type. Did I miss the announcement? @Marjory Wildcraft Great interview, very informative.


  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Hi @merlin44 whew, yes I really love Ian Punnit.

    Some backstory (if you are interested) The head producer, Lisa, called me on Tuesday and asked if I was available on Friday night. "Sure".

    "Ok",Lisa says, "I'll get back to you.."

    But I didn't hear anything else so assumed it wasn't going to happen. And kind of relieved.. you know the Summit demands a ton of extra time.

    But then at the last moment I get a call "are you ready?" LOL no... but give me a few minutes.. and I've got to grab some coffee to be awake at the middle of the night and sound intelligent.

    Crazy, crazy.

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    @Marjory Wildcraft Would have never thought it was a "last minute" interview, you pulled it off seamlessly. And Ian was obviously very impressed with the medicine bag.

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    Oh I absolelutely love Ian. Yes, he was raving about the medicine kit, wasn't he?

    Thanks for your kind words about the interview sounding so good. I've been living and breathing this for so many years, I guess it amounts to something! Hah! But we've got a lot of people to train and empower. It's a movement. So glad you are a part of it 😛