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Snow Day! — The Grow Network Community
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Snow Day!

This is only my 4th winter in Idaho, but it seems early to have snow on the ground at just 3000 feet elevation. It's already melting off. The higher elevations (McCall, for instance) will get more.

So, I've already taken all my summer clothes out of the closet and the winter ones are in the washer now. Living in a 4 season area means needing more clothing than other, less lucky, areas of the county. And I enjoy the seasonal change of wardrobe.

Once the snow melts off, I have a bag of 40 tulip bulbs and one of 14 hyacinths to plant around the little seating area I've created from pallets and free tiles. I plan to enlarge it so that I can fit a grill out there next summer. There's a big bare area under the maple trees that gets lots of sun in the spring, and I think the flowers will be a nice addition to that corner of the yard. Not edible or medicinal, but good for the soul.


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