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Winter Kill Cover Crops — The Grow Network Community
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Winter Kill Cover Crops

greyfurballgreyfurball Southeastern PennsylvaniaPosts: 457 ✭✭✭✭

Using cover crops is kind of new for me.

This is only the second year I have planted them and I did very little last year since it was my first time - guess you could say it was more of an experiment. I never put them in my whole garden since I got them in too late. After all I still had Summer and Fall/Winter crops all over the place.

But this year I made more of an effort to get the Summer and Fall crops out of the way so I could cover crop the whole garden.

Now what I have found is I hate these crops which are planted in the Fall and get minimal growth but they burst out in the Spring and bloom around May to June. Sure they are pretty but I for one do not want to wait around until May to June to plant my garden.

I always try to have my cool-season crops growing by March if the soil will cooperate by then.

So last year I did find one variety which was known as winter kill. It was an Austrian field pea/oats mix of seeds.

Because we had a hard frost just 2 days ago most of my beds are already dead and dying off. It's kind of funny because I had annual flowers which survived the frost but the cover crop did not.

I'll get it all cut down and very lightly mixed into the top of the soil today but has anyone else found a variety of cover crop which has the characteristic of winter kill? I'd like to change up to another variety as the different seasons end so I can give my soil a different diet each year to help maintain nutrient variability.

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