What is your "Wow, I’m really glad I know this home remedy” moment?

Marjory Wildcraft
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I just got an email from Kami McBride and she was so glad to know home medicine when she stopped her son from bleeding all over the place after he chopped off part of his finger. Like yeah, some of his finger was gone.

After flushing the would with warm water, she repeatedly poured cayenne pepper on the wound (and it took about a half cup before the bleeding stopped and her son quit screaming). I didn't realize you would need so much pepper... Kami wrote more about it here http://kamimcbride.com/stop-the-bleeding/

Pretty cool! I know Kami is stoked to be a home medicine maker :)



  • lmrebert
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    So that’s a great story and now I will be very sure to keep cayenne in mind for a bleed! The only thing that comes to mind on something that required attention fast is a bad burn. I put under cold water and called for my daughter to grab my lavender essential oil.. applied that “neat” to the burn on my hand... which had already blistered.. and the pain immediately subsided and the next morning the blister was gone. It’s my go to for those painful kitchen burns 🌱

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    I always seem to get sick on Friday night, after the clinic and the store are closed. Having garlic and mullin oil for ear aches always on hand is helpful for me, and the herbs to make soothing teas so that I don't have to run out for cough syrup or tummy meds.

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    There are so many plants to help us. I love hearing all the actual “stories” that result in wow moments.... this is one I’ll be sure to remember...

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    This first "wow" moment was a lot slower in its resolve, but after 2 weeks of feeding 5 gal pails full of plantain to colts, both were worm-free. This spurred me on to know more.

    A more recent "wow" moment was when our cow had mastitis. I will post this in the livestock section in case someone there can use it.

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    Of course, I have that snakebite story... And so glad I made a vidoe out of how to treat it! LOL. Both Kimber adn Dave were watching it carefully while I was writhing around on the floor.

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    @csinclair461 I am trying your cayenne treatment to see if it will break up my current state of malaise. I don't know if I am experiencing allergies or a cold. If it is a cold, my herbal treatments are keeping it from getting worse.

    My worst symptom is dizziness due to ear fluid build-up (I think.) I am so trying not to go to a doctor, and I cannot make myself put drops of any sort in my ears.

    So it is respiratory essential oil blend behind the ears and cayenne in the nostrils for a frontal attack. The cayenne treatment is an interesting experience.....

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    @shllnzl i boil water and add 1 drop each Eucalyptus peppermint tea tree to a bowl and add water and put a towel over my head and steam for 20 min... also Neil med has aerosol nasal spray that u fill up your sinuses and it rinses... good as prevention as well once a day in the morning I cured last 3 sinus infections this way... prior to that I’d have to get ABX

  • shllnzl
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    @csinclair461 The cayenne treatment felt so bizarre and my sinuses seem clear now.

    @lmrebert That mix of EOs is what I rubbed in behind my ears, will try it soon as steam.

    Found that a heating pad helped with ear pressure.

    Looks like I needed more heat (cayenne and heating pad) to push immune system into better activity, so I am starting to feel like the flu. At least things are changing past stuck point.

  • ines871
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    During my childhood in Germany, I was taken to a doctor at age 9 : to get my Adenoids cut, supposedly because "she snores too loud at night". Beats me, I never knew anything about it. Thank God, they left my tonsils alone, but then it was Country-doctors with still half a clue.

    After that I got really sick with ONE Chest & Sinus infection to where I could barely breathe... but (grandma was not about to let me stay home from school ), so she boiled water in her BIGgest pot and added herbs like Eucalyptus & Peppermint (I think, but not really sure) and put a THICK towel over my head and forced me to stay under that HOT steam for 20 min... - it was so HOT it burned my eyes, & I cried... (She told me "if you don't stop crying, I'm going to hit you & hard "}, so I cried silently inside. -

    But by next morning, it was 90% improved, so in the Bitter cold winter, I had to walk the nearly two miles back to school.

    The reason I said ONE is that experience left such an impression on my mind, that I vowed I would NOT get that sick again, and I did not, at least not while I was with her.

  • nksunshine27
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    Imrebert I am allergic to lavender so i thought i'd share another tidbit of info, for burns my go to is eggwhites just smear it on the burn and never had any pain afterwards or scaring

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    When I volunteered at Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue Center and Botanical Gardens, one day there had been a horrible dog attack on a troop of Capuchin Monkeys and the alpha male got bit as well as the beta female. The male died and we had to amputate an arm on the female. We knew she was going to bleed a lot so I brought a bag of white flour along. We poured that on after removing her arm. It stopped the bleeding and we managed to tightly wrap her arm. We had to wrap her inside a blanket in order to make the cut as Capuchins are the most aggressive monkey in the world. She was alert during the process. We kept talking to her, giving her food and water. Flour is what we had in this rainforest jungle. Enjoy with love

  • ines871
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    My hands sorta stopped growing as a child, & my hands are not 'fleshy' like most adult's. So it's pretty much just skin over bones, which (when I got burned, reaching into the oven to fetch something baking) had dire Emergency consequences. The last time that happened, as I yank out my Left hand there was an immediate full-thickness burn, the sort of injury you're supposed to Immediately go to a hospital for. - Well, having worked in a Burn-center I knew what they would do, so for the most part I just did what we did there. - I attribute my healing without any complications to 5 Remedies: 1. my usual expectation that I would "fully heal, & with No scars" in time, +2. our Supplements, +3. Burn-experience, +4. When appropriate using 1 of my ALOE-plants liberally, +5. of course also talking with Dad. - Did the healing take weeks? Sure. - But staying Level-headed did eventually also win, & after the requisite time, there was new skin, YES !

    But then I still had a 2-inch V-shaped scar that just stuck around as my Reminder of what can happen, months after the Scar had finished serving it's protective purpose. So on the 1st. day of a new month, I spoke to it " I Appreciate so much how you did your part to help me heal. You did so well, yes you did. - And now you can just disappear, & know I won't make that mistake again. Bye little scar ". - And wouldn't you know, three weeks later that scar was gone 100%, such that you can Not tell the difference on the space between my thumb & pointer close to the wrist.

    I am sharing this to say that YES Herbs are also our friends, & so is the exceptional power of our own Subconscious mind.

  • Hassena
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    Great question! Totally enjoy hearing about everyone's experience.

    There have been quite a few times that I've been thankful for plants. Daughter was stung by a bark scorpion, several times. They normally sting more than once. This was the scariest eve of my life. Watching the neurotoxins moving through her was hearth wrenching. Gathering several large prickly pears, made a mash for a poultice, fresh poultice and mash every few hours. I sat up with her all night. She was only 6 years old. Her eyes were so very yellow and hazy and I could see the spasms in her arms and legs. She didn't want to eat, drink or be hugged.

    By the next morning, she was totally fine....whew. Thank you Prickly pear.

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    Last very early spring my husband had a sore that would not heal, I spend many hours driving the back roads of west central pa looking for ANY green weeds, (it was still brown winter here). I found enough of the weeds I was looking for to make a poultice, put some in oils within 24 hrs it pulled the poison out and the healing started. But it took 8 months to heal completly without even a scare. I will never be without those again.

  • shllnzl
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    @Hassena Good to know about the prickly pear and bark scorpion sting. We fight hard to keep those things away from our house.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    The shepherds purse would certainly be more pleasant than the other remedy midwives have which is a quarter sized piece of the placenta between the teeth/gums & cheek. That is also supposed go work just as fast. So...in a pinch, there is a backup should the herb not be of good enough quality.

  • nksunshine27
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    plantain worked on pulling a absest out of the bottom of my horses hoof that i couldn't even find, then sprayed it with colloidal silver

  • Marjory Wildcraft
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    @circleoflifeunlimited that's an amazing story. And I completely agree with you about making sure you are buying quality. It really matters.

  • csinclair461
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    Glad it cleared your sinuses! I had a friend tell me recently that a roller bottle of peppermint eo I had given her cleared up her sinus headache, and she was so impressed she had her son try it too a couple days later. So many alternatives.

  • hmsadmin
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    It's so awesome reading everyone's experiences here! :D

    I'm relatively new to making my own home remedies, and haven't yet dealt with an emergency situation, but my little moment where I'm glad to know of better alternatives is about this time of year when flu shots are pushed on everyone everywhere.. I just roll my eyes, and wish I could tell everyone in line for it that there's a better way. My Mom was always a proponent of colloidal silver, zinc supplement, and echinacea for colds and flu, and now I keep a stock of elderberries on hand as well.

    I'm also continually wow'd by how true it is that food is the best medicine. I went through my 20's with the worst of diets and felt it too. Gradually over the past 7-ish years I've been making steady pushes towards eating more consciously and generally healthier, and it seems to be adding up to huge differences from where I might be if I had made no changes - In a family of "genetic" high-blood pressure/diabetes/hypertension, I have no issues. My teeth, while not perfect, are much better off than other family members and friends of about my same age, even though (or maybe because) I haven't seen a dentist since my late 20's. And, other than a minor issue here or there, I haven't gotten really sick for years.

    It's humbling exploring this path of how nature conspires with us for our greater good if we let it.

  • blevinandwomba
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    @shllnzl I know this is an old post, but can you elaborate on the cayenne treatment? @csinclair461 hasn't commented for a while, so I don't know if she'll get this.

  • jowitt.europe
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    Nasturtium tincture is my remedy No 1 for all colds, flu, etc.

    Marigold oil for skin problems.

    Ginseng tincture for ... whoever whenever irritates me 😉

    Horseradish tincture when I have eaten too much, or too late.