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After enjoying both of Dr. Patrick Jones' talks last week, I placed an order on his webiste Sunday evening. Today my package arrived, and I am super pleased with the order. The Respiratory - Cytokine Balance tincture arrived in a sealed bottle, wrapped in bubble wrap and with the dropper wrapped separately. Both were surrounded by packing peanuts in a small and very sturdy box. It was the best packing job of any product I've ordered anywhere in some time!

I generally make my own tinctures, and have grown or stocked up on elderberry, and other respiratory herbs like sage, thyme, rosemary, and garlic. But I've been aware that people who die during flu outbreaks are often those who seem to be getting well, then suffer a setback. I'd read about the cytokine storm that is the problem - that's when your immune system goes into hyper-drive, and I did not know how to treat that. My small town clinic is only open on weekdays, and they may or may not recognize unusual problems. And it is not really all that common. But, I like to be prepared.

Here's the definition of cytokine storm:

I found this article on Dr. Jones' site, and ordered a bottle of the remedy to have on hand for emergency use if I or anyone that I know needs it this winter. (In case you are interested, the herbs are listed as grape leaf, garlic, ginger, milk thistle, skullcap, and turmeric. No percentages listed.)

Anyway, I thought you would like to know how pleased I am with the quality of the product (even though I hope I don't ever need it!), and how quickly it was shipped to me.



  • lmrebert
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    Great info thx!

  • shllnzl
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    Making tinctures is pretty easy but I would have to buy most of the herbs to do them.

    Doc Jones was having a 30% off sale on tinctures so I stocked up on a bunch figuring they should last a very long time. Yes, they do a nice job of packing those glass bottles.

    I am still tickled with his Bite, Cut and Sting kit. Especially the duct tape stitches device. Luckily I haven't had to use it yet.