Does size really matter?



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    @gardneto76 The only problem with going through your extension office is that the soil tests that they perform is limited and sadly based on the debunked NPK theory of Liebig (debunked by himself). The soil tests by CSI and others like them are more expensive but provide more detailed and critical information for you to improve your soil.

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    @Obiora E just proof again of quality over quantity is important in life! Often time quality means you pay a little more.

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    @gardneto76 I definitely agree!

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    IF the goal is just for "general improvements" then soil tests work.

    But for Minerals present, soil tests can not give an adquate analysis, because minerals are not evenly distributed in the soil.

    Minerals are often found in what is called veins. And so plants grown just a few feet apart usually differ in their mineral content. And sadly there is just no way to know what the content is of each plant.