Marijuana: mexico to legalize, implications to America?


  • merlin44
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    As the time has obviously come to legalize marijuana and countries should be able to do so as they will, American cannabis farmers will have to adapt. Medicinal use of marijuana, CBD and industrial hemp are opening new markets in this country, quality and quantity will determine that market (and it's well known "made in the USA" is best).

  • maimover
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    Agreed@merlin44 as more and more US states approve legalization of marijuana it will be interesting to see how growers keep up and grow quality plants. There will always be inferior products of all kinds in the marketplace; some people will be happy to save a buck and will accept lesser quality and some people are gonna be willing to pay more for a quality product. I’m just happy to see that the government’s are easing up on a God given medicinal herb and it’s many benefits. I live in NJ and have card for medical cannabis but it is illegal to grow here. Hoping to move to Maine one of these days. I qualify for medical there as well but would be allowed to grow for myself. The state will actually send you growing instructions and seeds to get started; what a concept! They have maximum amounts and size restrictions but overall a much better plan for me as growing organically is important to me and can’t be sure about the growing practices in the dispensaries here in Jersey. Not to mention the cost savings...

  • merlin44
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    @maimover That's a most important point, growing method and quality of seed. And I understand they are "playing around" with seed though haven't heard of GMO seeds YET.

  • Torey
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    That's really awesome that the government of Maine is supplying seeds to medical patients. It will be interesting to see what occurs in the US with the upcoming legalisation in Mexico as now both of the US's neighbours will have legal cannabis.