Food Security

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Just came across this in a newsletter from GreenMed Info. Thought it was appropriate.


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    Especially with the difficulties the farmers have had planting and harvesting this past year.

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    My old friend, the late Appalachian storyteller, Ray Hicks used to say, "Gaw, yeah... they had 'em a Depression back 'round '29. We didn't know nothing 'bout it... ain't nothin' never changed 'round here!" Ray, his wife Rosie and son, Ted still lived in the cabin his great grandfather built, cooked and heated with wood, had a garden and woods to hunt for food, a spring house and a cellar, an out house and only one electric light. Change certainly came apart from the Hicks' homestead.... but not much for the better.

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    Here's a pic of old Ray....

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    @judsoncarroll4 That is a classic photo.

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    @shllnzl There are several on the internet, but that one showed Ray with his kindling. He was obsessive about firewood!

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    That looks amazingly-close to my Grandpa , except his face was a bit more gaunt in the cheeks. Grandpa had the garden of EDEN#2, & our ROOT-cellar (it was my job to Brave the dungeon with rats the size of lapdogs, that i just knew were out to eat me, if I didn't manage to scamper back up the stone-steps fast enough without dropping the Canned jars of goodies for supper)), an out house + just one electric light. And our wood stove a bit smaller than this cute thing, & so instead of a BIG perpetual woodpile,

    Aside the miniature Kindling-piles, we used egg-sized coals (for Evening meal) And guess what ? - in East Germany coals were RATIONED, oh yeah. - And guess who had to get up before school each day to Start the fire... Um, so what happens when in the dead of winter like January, there's no more coals. - Well, then you either have enough clothes, & Feather-bedding (since we slept under the roof with zero-insulation), - OR one could freeze, yes to death.

    Come to think of it, what has changed in the HEAT-department ? in the past 70 years: Now we have a 4-inch thick house with pretty-good Insulation all around. And the stove has 4 burners with an Oven... I only use at Thanksgiving for the Famous 🙂 bird. - However three years ago, something went kinda screwy in the Central heating system, (but since the ROOF started to leak on top of it, obviously that's a much greater priority), so - for 2 years only 1 room in the house was heated, & we had 9 inches snow that actually stayed for some days in February (rare around here in the PNW).

    Well, the NEW roof was finally installed, just 3 months before the itty-bitty little snow, thank Heavens. - So maybe, keeping fingers crossed here: Next year we will have more HEAT again, yes, Yes.. Notice I said NEXT year. - So how do we live in the meantime? - ((Well, we keep the Dear one warm of course, cause when you're paralyzed you do need a 24-hour dependable External heat source. Well, I need to go to work a mile away) - So, am sitting here typing this post, in a very balmy 55 degrees, that already during the night Outside temps have dropped into middle 20's. But in here, it is still 45 degrees at night. But still, Halloweeny is just around the corner iow it is only Fall. - It will be endless Fun, comes winter... ah yes!

    Yet, we could be living in the USA heartland, or the Great-lakes states, or in the northern East-coast. - But we are so very Blessed, you know, to be more or less Comfy right here in the PNW.. Even tho the Raspberries finally breathed their last recently, & I think some baby Trees, - um, lets not go there.


    Wishing Everyone a Warm & cozy Winter full of Healthy Herb-teas, & YUMMY Hot chocolate, & lots & lots of healthful Crock-pot meals, plus all the other Good wintery blessings...

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    Good stuff @rainbow !