A 60,000-year-old cure for depression

Merin Porter
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It really never ceases to amaze me how much wisdom our ancestors had, and how much has fallen out of common use. Still, it is encouraging to see cultures like the indigenous Australian communities who guard ancient traditions as precious....



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    Wow! I am one of the first to view this post! Wonderful information! Thank you!

  • seeker.nancy - Central Texas
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    @Merin Porter loved that article, Thank you for sharing it!

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    Very informative article. Thanks for sharing @Merin Porter.

    The old ones knew balance is necessary-for humans, animals, plants, the earth...and that balance can be found when one lives close to and relies on Nature. "Spiritual realignment" (feeds the Soul) or Prozac (feeds the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies).

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing. In Biodynamics, there is a reference to the geni-loci, spirit of the land. I believe this is to true. Each region has their spirit to watch over. The closer we get to the land, the more our hearts open.


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